Human Resource Content Writing Services

Recruit site visitors, customers, and job applicants with human resources content that’s written for people, performs in search engines, and converts on your site.

When you provide expertise in a niche, the content you publish must demonstrate that authority. Whether it’s a social media post or SEO copy on a landing page, your human resource content should show off your expertise and build trust with your audience. That trust is what ultimately converts website visitors to clients.

Discover how HR content writing services from Crowd Content can help you create expert, authoritative, and trustworthy copy that performs well in the search engines and drives conversions on-site.

What Is Human Resource Content Writing?

Human resource content writing is the act of creating niche-based content for human resource blogs, websites, social media profiles, and other platforms. This content serves a number of purposes, including:

  • Answering common questions about HR topics to educate your audience
  • Demonstrating your expertise in the niche to build trust with your audience
  • Building brand awareness so people remember your business
  • Promoting your HR-related goods and services to drive more sales
  • Building a community of loyal customers and interested followers so you have a ready-made audience

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How Our Human Resource Content Writing Services Make Your Content More Powerful

When your HR content meets the technical SEO requirements to compete in the search engines and has the authority and voice to connect with your audience, your marketing dollars drive more ROI. Our HR content writing services combine digital marketing best practices with expert content creators in the human resources space to help you drive those critical business results.

A few ways we can power your HR content marketing include:

  1. Providing budget-friendly content at scale
  2. Handling entire content projects from start to finish, including creating briefs, building writing teams, and managing the quality of the output
  3. Ensuring publish-ready content with editing and QA steps
  4. Building expert byline authority for your content with help from our human resource subject-matter experts

Types of Human Resource Copywriting Services

Multi-channel marketing strategies tend to perform best in the current digital landscape. Crowd Content can help by providing any type of human resource content type or service, including:

  • HR blog posts: Blog posts can cover a variety of topics and range from short-and-sweet (think 300 to 500 words answering a single question) to comprehensive and long-form (1,500 or more words covering a topic in-depth). Blog content is great for SEO, builds topical authority, and provides your audience with new information to engage with on a regular basis.
  • HR website copy: Website copy can include landing pages, about us pages, home pages and many other types of informational or conversion copy.
  • Ebooks: Ebooks can be powerful marketing collateral for HR businesses. These mid-funnel documents, which range from around 2,500 to 10,000 words on average, can be offered for free in exchange for signups to your email marketing lists.
  • HR product and service pages: SEO Service and product pages detail the features and benefits of your offerings. They’re end-of-funnel pages designed to convert readers into clients.
  • Newsletters: Newsletters and other email marketing content let you leverage your email list and stay connected with people who expressed interest in your products or services.
  • Refreshing existing HR content: Starting from scratch with every piece of HR content can be exhausting. You don’t have to burn out your resources, though, because chances are you have a lot of good content in your archives. Our team can help you identify potentially winning content and refresh it with new keywords, updated facts and stats, and additional information, all of which help the content perform again in the search engines.
  • Topic creation for HR SEO: Keeping site content fresh to remain relevant in the search engines and provide ongoing value to consumers can be difficult. Our team can help by doing the creative work to come up with topics for HR content. We start with SEO and keyword research to ensure topics align with what’s performing in the search engines currently.

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HR Copywriting Services FAQs

Be as specific as possible when conveying your HR content writing needs to our writers. Let them know what style and voice you prefer, provide links to content you like and consider including brief outlines or talking points for the blog posts or articles you want. If you’re not sure how to get started, our managed content team can help you create projects and order briefs to ensure you get the content you want.

Sign up for our self-serve marketplace to order content directly from writers or connect with Crowd Content to find out more about our managed services. Whatever your scale, budget, and HR content needs are, we can help.