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Make Your Content Shine With Professional Copy Editing

Whether you’ve got in-house content that needs a little tweak or you want to ensure any content you order is the best possible quality for your budget, professional copy editing services can help.

But shouldn’t professional writers proof copy before they send it?

That’s true, and since our gamified writing system rewards writers for submitting high-quality, timely work, you don’t have to worry that they aren’t working to your specifications and instructions. But editing and proofreading aren’t the same thing, and editors actually bring unique skills to each project.

Some services our copy editors provide include:

  • Ensuring the occasional wayward typo or comma never makes it into your final piece
  • Smoothing out any awkward phrasing
  • Cutting down on fluff to save you money on every piece
  • Applying consistent style and voice across your project, even if you’re working with a number of different writers
  • Checking content for instruction compliance, including formatting, keywords, word count and sourcing
  • Fact checking to ensure content is accurate

Our freelance editors must pass rigorous tests before accessing editing tasks, so you can rely on their expertise when it comes to style and grammar.

Adding Professional Copy Editing Services to Your Orders

You can add editing to any content order you place through Crowd Content for budget-friendly rates. Simply select the editing option when you place orders and decide if you want to work with our entire team of editors, a select few or a single editor.

  • Open editing orders, which are available to any of our freelancers with an editing credential, are a good idea if you’re placing bulk orders and want a fast turn-around time.
  • Team editing orders, which are only available to the copy editors you select, work well for smaller projects where you need cohesive style across all content.
  • Direct editing orders are only available to a single editor that you choose; you might select this option if you’ve been very happy with a particular editor’s efforts or if you want an editor with experience in your industry.

Ad Hoc Content Editing Services

You can also place orders for editing on content you already have. Use our ad hoc editing services to streamline content on a website, address grammatical errors in blog posts or apply a specific style or rebranding to all your pages.

Whether you’re taking advantage of our cost-effective blog writing services or want to write your own content, professional copy editing services ensure high-quality pages that boost search engine performance and audience engagement.

Interested in Copy Editing Work?

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