PM Platform Names – A List

It’s come to our attention that not everyone realizes that the PMs also have platform names when we work on writing and editing tasks in the system. For the purposes of transparency and to reduce confusion, please see a list of our platform pen names below.

  • Sarah S: Elizabeth Marcant
  • Sarah M: Hazel Shaw
  • Rick: Axel Booker
  • Erin: Emma Lynn
  • Cyndi: Angeline Aleshire
  • Jane: Andrea Burton
  • Katelynne: Verle Hartley
  • Gina: Vanessa Lipari
  • Lawrence: Lawrence Dy

Why Does it Work Like This?
Crowd Content operates with a worker side and a client side. You must be logged into the worker side to work on any writing or editing tasks. You must be logged into the client side to work on QA tasks or approve work.

Managed Content QA Comes From PMs
Also, if you (the editors and writers) are working on a task in the Managed Content tab, the QA notes and activity come from the PMs, not the client. It looks like it’s all coming from the client, as that’s how the system is set up, but feedback and comments coming through are all from the PMs on that side.

Updated on May 14, 2021

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