Managed Board – Ratings

Your marketplace ratings have no impact on managed ratings, and managed ratings have no impact on marketplace ratings.

Only editors with a managed project credential will be giving ratings to managed project orders.

Editors will review your work as always and assign a rating of 1,2,3,4 or 5 based on its quality as compared to the writer’s quality level and the quality level of the order.


  1. Poor
  2. Below average
  3. GOOD
  4. Above average
  5. Excellent

You want ratings that are three and up. Three is good. If you get a three on every single order you ever write, your rating will not drop, regardless of whether you’re a two-, three- or four-star writer. Three means that you submitted work that’s in line with our expectations of your quality level and the quality level required of the order. These expectations will also be documented and shared with everyone.

Editors can choose to give one overall rating or break down the rating between five categories

  • Grammar
  • Content and Voice
  • Instruction Compliance
  • Research and Sourcing
  • Revision Requests

If the editor chooses to rate each category individually, the system will calculate the overall rating from the data they enter.

Writing Quality is Objective and Subjective.

For the most part, grammar is pretty black and white – with some exceptions. Instruction compliance is pretty easy to quantify, too.

Other things involve opinion. For example, did the writer include a lot of fluff? Were they repetitive? Did they hit the voice that the client is looking for? Did they appear to do an appropriate amount of research? Is the order organized and logical?

Once the editor submits your order to QA, you’ll see the rating. QA will review the rating and adjust if needed. If adjusted, feedback will be given to the editor as to why it was adjusted.

Once your order clears QA, you can appeal the rating here if you feel it isn’t justified.

Moving up or down:

Your rating will be based on your performance over your past 10,000 words (plus some other factors).

If your average rating in your last 10,000 words drops below 2.75, you move down and the 10,000 word counter resets. If you’re above 3.9, you move up and your counter resets.

The system will automatically notify a member of our internal team when a writer qualifies for a four-star promotion. Your work will be reviewed, and you’ll be bumped up to four stars if you pass the review.

Updated on December 13, 2023

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