A Simple 3 Strike System

There are a few things that can really upset clients. When clients get upset, they usually don’t come back to Crowd Content, which means they don’t place any more content orders.

To avoid having these negative things occur to our clients, we’ve set up a simple 3 strike system for writers. The three-strike system works like this:

  • If you perform a violation, you receive a strike on your writer account and your claim limit is reduced.
  • If you complete 5 orders in a row without a strike, 1 strike on your account will be removed.

As it stands now when you get 3 strikes, your account becomes locked, and you have the option to file a support ticket since you can’t log in. When your ticket is reviewed, an admin makes a subjective decision to unlock your account or leave it locked.

Stepped Strike System 

Crowd Content clients depend on you to be reliable with deadlines. Because this continues to be problematic, we are introducing a stepped strike system. This is how it works: 

  • When your account is locked because of accumulating strikes and you can no longer log in, your quality level will be lowered by one star level.  
  • All three strikes will be cleared so you can log in again. 
  • At the 1-star level, if your account becomes locked, you will be permanently locked. 
Note: These changes only apply to Marketplace. Managed Projects does not have a strike system. 

How to Avoid Strikes 

When you pick up an order on the Marketplace, you have a 30-minute window to decide if this is an order you are capable of writing based on the instructions given. If you decide you’re not a good fit, you can drop it within the 30 minutes, and no strike will be given. 

If the order deadline is approaching and the piece is taking longer than you thought, you can ask for more time in the chatbox (clients can now add more time to orders) or file a support ticket. 

Note: Support tickets are not closely monitored on the weekends, so be mindful of this when you pick up orders on Fridays. 

Final Thoughts 

Lastly, we understand that some circumstances are extenuating, so this system will be implemented on a case-by-case basis. We appreciate your ability to meet our client’s deadlines consistently. 

Please noteThe Crowd Content team reserves the right to close writer accounts at any time should writer behavior be deemed inappropriate.

Updated on December 22, 2021

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