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Working with your Customer Success Manager

Welcome aboard, and thanks for choosing Crowd Content as your trusted content partner! We want to be sure you have the best experience possible, so we thought we’d give you the run-down on how to best utilize your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Customer Success? What does that mean?

Our job is to ensure you have the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve your content goals using the Crowd Content platform. That doesn’t always mean we’ll tell you what you want to hear. It does mean that we’ll always be honest, responsive, friendly, and supportive.

What can my CSM do for me?

Your CSM is here to ensure you have the writers, tools, and knowledge you need to be successful using the Crowd Content platform.

Your CSM can:
– Recommend writers for your projects and put together custom teams
– Create Casting Calls to find specialized writers for a particular project
– Walk you through the Crowd Content platform
– Educate you on best practices for using the platform
– Troubleshoot technical platform issues

What can my CSM teach me to do?

While we can’t do everything for you, we love to teach and empower you to utilize the Crowd Content platform and all of its features.

Your CSM can teach you to:
– Create and manage teams and folders to organize your content creation
– Utilize features such as the batch uploader and campaigns tool
– Manage your orders and interact with writers inside the platform

What is beyond the scope of my CSM?

Certain things are beyond the scope of your CSM. We wish we had the time and expertise to do everything, but we’re only human!

Your CSM cannot:
– Review or provide feedback on your content
– Create titles or instructions for your orders
– Provide strategic guidance (e.g. determining word counts, content types, or keywords)

Updated on March 6, 2020

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