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Why Hasn’t My Writer Picked Up My Direct Order?

The network of writers at Crowd Content is comprised of full-time and part-time freelancers. Many writers produce content for clients as a second job, and those who write full-time work with a large number of clients to ensure a stable income. Sometimes, freelancers aren’t available or don’t have room in their schedule to complete your order by deadline. Other times, they might be willing to complete the order, but only at a higher rate. If that’s the case, they may decline the direct order, giving you an opportunity to either raise the star rating (if applicable) or find a different writer who is available. Your customer success manager can also assist with finding a suitable writer.

Claim Limit:

Something to keep in mind when watching your direct orders: Writers have a maximum amount of orders they’re allowed to have in their queue at one time. Depending on the writer’s account, their claim limit may be set at 1, 3, 4 or 5 orders. If a writer’s queue is full, they’re not able to pick up an order right away, but they may pick it up after clearing existing work.


Writers also work on a schedule, just like any other service provider. If the deadline for the order is set for four or five days in advance, they may not have picked it up yet because they’ve planned to do it within the next day or two. For instance, if a direct order is placed on a Sunday and the due date is listed as Thursday, the writer may not pick it up until Wednesday. If you’re ever in doubt as to a writer’s availability, you can message the writer or reach out to a customer success manager for assistance.

Updated on March 9, 2020

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