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Use Your Favorite Writers Going Forward

After you have worked with a writer at Crowd Content, you have the ability to place a Direct Order with that writer.

This means that the order will go directly to the requested writer, not allowing any other writers to have access to it.

To place a Direct Order, click Create Order just like you would create any other order. Under Order Type, click Direct Order. Then click the writer drop-down and choose the writer you want

You have a couple of options to manage your writers

In the Writers Tab, You can Add to Team or Favorite writers that you would like to work with in the future. Both options become available once you click the box to the left of the writer profile.

To Create a Team, you will find a blue ‘Create a Team’ in the left-hand column.

Alternatively, if you aren’t happy with the work of a writer, you can easily blacklist the writer by clicking the blacklist button (it looks like a no parking sign). By doing this, the writer will not have access to any of your future orders.

Updated on March 17, 2020

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