Revisions vs. Rewrites

When you receive a completed order from a writer on the Crowd Content platform, you have the option to send it back to the writer for revisions. It doesn’t cost anything for revisions unless the word count increases during the process, in which case you’re charged for the additional words.

Examples of revisions requests include:

  • The writer didn’t follow your instructions
  • There are spelling, punctuation, grammar errors in the order
  • The completed article has issues with logic, flow, or structure
  • The order contains factual inaccuracies
  • Keywords were not used properly

A rewrite is different from a revision request. Rewrites occur when:

  • You opt to give new requirements that either weren’t provided or have changed from the original order
  • You change direction on the article after it’s written
  • You placed the wrong set of instructions with the initial order
  • Full requirements and information on brand voice/tone/messaging weren’t provided with the initial order
  • The completed order meets all given requirements, but you want changes that are purely stylistic or preferential in nature

Rewrites are charged at full price, and the writers have the right to decline rewrite requests. If you ever run into an issue with rewrites vs. revisions, please reach out to our Customer Success Team.

The best way to avoid running into a problem in the first place is to be sure to include comprehensive instructions when you place an order.

Updated on March 3, 2021

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