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Product Descriptions For Your Shopify Store

The weekend is almost here! That means it’s time for Feature Friday.

Today, Scott demonstrates how to use the Crowd Content Shopify app.

  1. App Directory

    It’s super easy to use! To install the Shopify app, all you need to do is go to the app directory from within your Crowd Content account.

  2. Shopify Information

    From there, click ‘install’ on the Shopify app. To connect your store to Crowd Content, simply enter the URL of your Shopify store.

  3. Create a Product Description Order

    You have the ability to pick and choose which products you would like to include in your content order; you can do choose 1 or 100, the choice it yours.

If you have any questions about how the Shopify app or how to get the most out of your product descriptions, do not hesitate to contact your client account manager at any time!

Updated on February 27, 2020

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