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Client Guide to Writer Quality

What to expect from four-star writer

There isn’t anything a four-star writer can’t handle!

  • Very tight, clean writing with no awkward phrasing and good flow
  • Content has personality that matches intended audience
  • Less than one minor grammar errors per 100 words and no spelling errors
  • All instructions are met

What to expect from three-star writers:

Suitable for blog posts, longer product/category/brand descriptions, city pages and other content created mainly for SEO

  • Voice and tone matched to audience
  • Good structure, flow and organization
  • Content has a point – and makes it
  • Frequent minor grammar errors (misplaced modifiers, parallel structure, etc.)
  • Spelling errors such as compliment vs complement
  • Some fluff and awkward phrasing

What to expect from two-star writers:

Suitable for metadata, blurbs, social posts and short product descriptions

  • Choppy sentence structure, repetition and fluff and awkward phrasing
  • May or may not follow instructions
  • Writing has an intended topic, but worker may veer off it
  • Frequent minor/moderate grammar/spelling errors

What to expect from one-star writers:

Suitable for research, categorization and data tasks 

  • Frequent, significant grammar and spelling errors 
  • Writing lacks flow, logic, and structure 
  • Awkward phrasing that may sound ESL 


Updated on August 7, 2020

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