How to Order Product Descriptions in Bulk Quantities

The CSV upload tool allows you to uploaded huge quantities of SKUs that you received from the product manufacturer, or elsewhere. 

  1. Prep Excel file

    Create an excel file with any applicable headings that relate to your product. We recommend the following headings:
    – SKU
    – Title
    – Keywords
    – Example Url
    – Size

  2. Create a Product Description Order

    From anywhere in your account, use the Create Order drop-down menu to select Product Description.

  3. Choose Type and Quality Level

    You have the ability to choose between Re-Write or Fresh as well as the Quality Level, Standard or Professional.

  4. Upload Excel File

    Under the Add Products section, select the Upload File tab.
    Upload your excel file from earlier.

  5. Label Columns

    Use the column headings and the drop down menus to label your product information.

  6. Provide Instructions and Place Order

    You can provide instructions to your writer, select the word count and add meta data.

    Once the order is placed, your writer will take care of it.

Sit back, relax, and expect your descriptions to be returned to you within the deadline you chose.

Bigcommerce or Shopify user? We are partnered with both so you can quickly and easily order fresh description from within your account.

Updated on April 26, 2021

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