Case Study: How INK Exploded Organic Traffic in One Month

INK Case Study

Crowd Content exists to help clients create amazing content that drives results. 

We boast a roster of over 6,000 of the best freelance writers out there and some amazing technology that helps companies source high-quality content at scale.

With that in mind, we’re always looking for ways to help clients get even better content.

Several months ago, the folks at INK approached us to develop a partnership where our writers could leverage INK’s content optimization tool to create content that would rank better in Google. 

While they already had data showing that content optimized with their tool is more likely to rank well in Google, both companies wanted to show that INK is a tool that can drive SEO results at scale. Together, we designed an experiment where our writers crafted 64 optimized articles for INK’s blog in just over a month to measure the SEO results the tool and our writers could drive.

The results were impressive. INK’s blog saw over 1,700% growth in organic traffic in just a month, and they started ranking for over 10,000 keywords in Google’s US index.

Our entire process and results is documented in this case study. We know you’ll find it helpful. Be sure to reach out to us or INK if you’d like to chat more about it.

Here’s a quick recap of what’s in the case study.


INK is an AI-powered content performance optimization editor designed to help create better, more comprehensive content that ranks well in Google. It launched in October 2019 and quickly generated buzz by winning Product of the Month on Product Hunt.

The INK team wanted to start building out their site’s content and establish authority in their space while also showing that their tool drives real SEO results. They decided to create a large quantity of content optimized in INK to help them do this and reached out to us at Crowd Content to help.


INK’s team started where most content teams start — SEO.

  1. SEO Audit – their team analyzed their current performance in Ahrefs to establish a baseline for their traffic, keywords and estimated traffic value
  2. Keyword Research + Competitive Analysis – INK identified their top 15 SEO competitors and discovered their top ranking keywords that drove traffic. After identifying the highest value keywords they created a list of 64 topics they needed to create content for
  3. SEO Strategy – INK created briefs for each of the 64 topics and generated intent research using INK 

Once they had this info, they reached out to Crowd Content to create the content.

Content Creation

Using the SEO research that INK generated, we set to work crafting content that would meet all their requirements, including scoring over 91% in the INK editor. 

The process we followed included:

  1. Conducting a pre-project kickoff meeting with INK to formalize requirements and build creative briefs and a style guide
  2. Building a team of expert writers to tackle the project
  3. Training all writers on how to use the INK tool
  4. Getting the content written
  5. Editing all the content 
  6. Doing final quality assurance including ensuring INK scores were above 91%
  7. Delivering the content to INK for publishing

This is standard practice for our Enterprise writing service. For a more detailed look at this, be sure to download the full case study.


INK published these 64 articles in June 2020. They updated us on their SEO results one month later:

INK - organic blog growth in a month

Obviously, INK was thrilled to see such quick SEO results and their numbers continue to improve. 

What’s more impressive is that all they did was post the content. No link building, site optimization, or any other SEO tactics were used around this time period. 


This experiment worked. The combination of leveraging INK to optimize content written by top-notch freelance writers delivered amazing short-term results. And, it didn’t significantly strain INK’s internal resources since all writing and optimization was done by Crowd Content’s freelance writers.

Be sure to download the full case study for a more detailed look at how we accomplished this, and reach out to either Crowd Content or INK if you’d like to see if this approach would work for you.

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