Case Study: How CraftJack Improved Website Traffic by 70% With Content Services

What is CraftJack / What is your role?

CraftJack is a lead generation company that connects general construction contractors with customers in their area. My name is Jaclyn, and I am the Senior SEO & content marketing manager. 

What challenges and/or obstacles inspired you to seek a content solution? 

Over the years, my role has shifted into something bigger than content writing. I moved from a content specialist into more of a strategy, SEO and project management role on top of content marketing. I have less time for writing than before. We’re growing as a company, and I have big ideas for our content marketing team, but I can’t reach those goals alone. I knew I needed extra hands, but we couldn’t hire an in-house writer or a freelancer.

Summarize the main points of frustration you faced

In addition to writing content, I needed to edit, too, another tedious but important task I was running out of time for. Editing will always fall at the bottom of the list, and that is where mistakes start to slip through. I didn’t know there was a solution that fit all my needs, and I felt stuck. I kept thinking, how do I get everything done without things falling through the cracks? 

What criteria were you looking for in a solution? 

I needed a solution that was easy to manage, flexible, personalized, and guaranteed high quality. It was critical that the content created was SEO-optimized and error-free. Crowd Content was easy; all I had to do was submit briefs, and the content manager took it from there. I loved that they had subject matter experts and editing services as well. 

Why did you choose Crowd Content?

What makes Crowd Content stand out from a traditional agency is its ability to understand and cater to our needs. They put in the effort to learn our business and goals in a way I had not experienced before. Their managed service with a dedicated content manager is an extension to our team—not a replacement. I also loved how flexible and customizable their process was. If we ever change our content needs, they adapt and pivot without issue, allowing us to scale content creation while maintaining exceptional quality. 

What specific results have you seen from Crowd Content? 

We’ve seen a lot of positive results, especially with our Spanish content. We service many Spanish-speaking contractors, but bridging that gap has been challenging since I don’t speak Spanish. Working with Crowd Content has helped us succeed in this new domain. The Spanish-language content Crowd Content produces performed exceptionally well on our site. Our blog has grown into one of our top drivers of conversions, and we’ve seen a 70% increase in organic traffic year-over-year.

Would you recommend Crowd Content? 

I’ve recommended Crowd Content to a few people already; in many cases, they don’t know where to start with content marketing. The team is fantastic at supporting the content creation process from start to finish. Crowd Content takes the challenges out of content marketing and content writing so our business can focus on what we need to be successful.

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