Writer Spotlight: Rachel Elle — A Peek Into the Life of a Crowd Content Pro

Rachel Elle - Writer Spotlight

When life gets a little unpredictable (2020, we’re looking at you), it’s good to have things you can count on: the sun rising each day, the ocean tides rolling onto shore, and the arrival of spring after a long winter.

At Crowd Content, it’s our writers we count on when things get hectic. This month’s Writer Spotlight shines on one of our most steadfast freelancers, a seasoned pro who’s been helping us tackle overflowing work queues and looming deadlines since our earliest days. Meet Rachel Elle — a four-star writer, foodie, and treasure trove of information about the New York subway.

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Originally from Ohio, Rachel began jotting down stories at the wise old age of four. Eventually turning her passion for prose into a marketable job skill, she started collecting paychecks for writing when she was a junior in college. Rachel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing and a Master of Accounting; two vastly different degrees that she’s put to good use.

Today, she lives in Manhattan and works full-time in finance for a media company. When Rachel’s not at her day job, she fits in as many Crowd Content orders as she can. “When I commuted, I used to occasionally write from my phone on the train or while walking,” she says.

Wait. Did she just say writing while walking?

She did, but doesn’t recommend this approach. This is a good thing. We don’t want our writers to step off a curb or walk into a lamp post while working keywords into their blog posts. End of public service announcement.

Our story now turns to Mark Zuckerberg, or at least his social media empire, for helping Rachel find Crowd Content. In 2013, she discovered our platform through a Facebook group that shared work-from-home resources. This means she’s been writing blog posts, articles and product descriptions for us for nearly eight years. She’s certainly earned her spot in the Crowd Content hall of fame with other veteran writers and editors like Sapphire Knight.

Rachel’s ability to tackle almost any writing job makes her indispensable to clients and project managers. “I consider myself a generalist,” she says. “As long as an article topic fits into my general knowledge base and isn’t something I’m personally/morally/ethically opposed to, I’ll write it. I’ve written about everything from cremation jewelry to tankless water heaters.”

As much as we rely on Rachel’s finely crafted prose, we appreciate that there are times when she’s not crunching numbers or writing copy. What does she do when she’s not working? “Real answer? Sit on the couch and do nothing,” she confesses. “Idealistic answer? Explore the city — no matter how long you’ve lived here, there’s always something new to see.” She adds, “My husband and I are foodies, so we’re always trying new restaurants. An enormous portion of our disposable income goes to dining out…or ordering in, in these fun COVID times.”

All right. I think that’s a pretty good warm-up. Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of it all. It’s time to learn Rachel’s honest opinions about books, movies, and, gasp, Crowd Content.

Do you have any hobbies or unusual interests? “I’m really into elite gymnastics and follow U.S. gymnasts closely. I also love mass transit and am a veritable fount of useless information about the New York City Subway.” (Oh, do we have a treat for you, Rachel. Stay tuned till the end.)

Who is your favorite author? What’s your favorite book? “My favorite author has long been Tamora Pierce, possibly now from more of a nostalgic place. My favorite book is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.”

What’s your favorite restaurant or meal? “If I’m cooking myself, I’m a big fan of fresh pasta with homemade pesto.”

What’s your favorite TV show or movie? “I hate movies. I find them equal parts too short and too long: too long for me to sit through without multitasking and yet too short to tell a well-rounded story. I’m a big fan of crime dramas, true crimes stories and female-focused dramas. I’ve seen every episode of Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Minds at least once.”

Have you been published by any notable sites or organizations (digital or traditional)? “Not that I’m aware, but I’m not always sure who my clients are.”

Which project has been your favorite? Why? “FHE Health. The orders are both easy and interesting.”

What do you think sets Crowd Content apart from other content platforms? “Ease of use, pay (much higher than most competitors), transparency into internal practices, and ease of communication with management. I’ve tried many others over the years, and Crowd Content is hands down the best.”

If you could change one thing about our platform, what would it be? “I dislike the new content editor.”

What do you find most challenging about writing content? “I guess I’d say research if I had to pick, but I’ve always found writing easy.”

Do you have any advice for new writers? “Be patient; writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone and developing the skills necessary to succeed can take time. Stay in contact with clients, especially when starting out. I built my early client base by thanking clients who gave me good reviews and letting them know I was available for more work.”

What are the five worst words in the English language? “All words have a place. They’re only bad when used improperly or by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.”

Rachel, thank you for giving us a peek into your world. To express our appreciation, we have a tidbit to add to your New York City Subway knowledge. Did you know the longest ride on the system without changing trains is on the A train? It’s 31 miles from 207 Street in Manhattan to Far Rockaway in Queens. But, you probably knew that already.

It’s been a pleasure as always, readers. Please join us again next time, when another Crowd Content writer steps into the spotlight. Maybe it’ll be you!

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