Writer Spotlight: Marisol Rivera — In Which We Discuss the Importance of Writing, Coffee and 24

Marisol Rivera Writer Spotlight

Like Jack Bauer racing to save the country from impending doom, Crowd Content’s intrepid writers deftly navigate project briefs, style guides and the platform’s countdown clock to ensure clients get impeccably polished copy by deadline.

Who are these fearless scribes? This month, we meet four-star writer and self-proclaimed 24-aficionado, Marisol Rivera.

See, there was a point to that Jack Bauer reference.

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As we continue our quest to introduce you to the people behind the pen names, Marisol — known as Missy to her friends and family — dishes about highly classified details such as her path to Crowd Content, what it’s really like writing for us and the secrets new writers can learn from her experience. And rest assured, Missy willingly obliged. There were no surreptitious interrogation techniques used in the making of this Writer Spotlight.

It’s been awhile since our last installment, and we only have a thousand words, so let’s jump right in.

To get to know Missy, we’re setting the scene by whisking you to O’Fallon, Missouri, an hour outside of St. Louis. Missy’s settled at her desk in her living room with her coffee, computer and feline friends. Carefully crafted words are flowing from her fingertips to impress Crowd Content clients such as Teknicks, Jumbleberry and Lendzi. “Rick and Erin manage most of my favorite projects,” she says, when asked about the orders usually found in her queue.

Missy is partial to writing content that requires a casual voice. “I prefer anything where I can use a conversational tone, and product descriptions are always fun,” she says. “Dry content isn’t my thing, but I admire writers who can do that stuff well.” She adds, “I really miss Walmart PDs, so please hit me up if we ever get another batch of those.” Duly noted.

Prior to becoming a full-time freelance writer 12 years ago, Missy worked a wonderfully varied career that involved stints as a retail cashier, chiropractic assistant and McDonald’s manager. She also oversaw marketing events at hockey games, concerts and festivals. Her first article was published in 2002 when she was a teen, a personal essay about getting her GED. Since then, her work has also been featured on Mint.com, Health.com, Faveable, Legit Lender and Medium.

She discovered Crowd Content when she followed some fellow writers from OneSpace, and hasn’t looked back. “I absolutely adore Crowd Content, and I’m not just saying that because you chose me for the writer spotlight,” she says, when asked what sets the platform apart from others. “The project managers are friendly and helpful, and they respond quickly when I have a question. The quick approval times for content are awesome, and my bill collectors appreciate the twice-a-week pay.” Impressive testimonial, indeed, but there must be something she’d change. “Nothing, but I hate change. Just ask my therapist,” she replies.

Still, even the most seasoned professionals have their challenges. And while our freelancers have created a supportive and close-knit community as evidenced by the threads in our discussion forum, writing is usually done solo as you wrestle those words into coherent sentences. “I’m a social person, so working from home can get rough,” says Missy. Fortunately, she knows what she needs to do to maintain her positive energy and outlook. “I try to infuse socialization into my workday by meeting friends for lunch, spending too much time on Facebook and calling my favorite people.”

While Missy is one of our veteran writers, there once was a time when she was a newbie. Does she have any pearls of wisdom for those just starting out? “Write as much as possible, and don’t be a perfectionist,” says Missy. “New writers always tell me they’re terrified to submit their content. Don’t let fear derail your goals. The more you write, the easier it gets. I also recommend following sites like Grammar Girl. Mignon Fogarty was a lifesaver when I was a new writer.”

And now, let’s get to the really good stuff. We want to know all about those quirks and habits that aren’t apparent through our computer screens.

Do you have any hobbies or unusual interests? “Is chugging coffee while chasing after my kids a hobby? I also enjoy hiking, making crafts, cooking and listening to music. Oh, and I have 5 cats. Some people find that weird.”

Who is your favorite author? What’s your favorite book? “If you saw my cluttered bookshelf, you’d understand why I can’t pick a favorite. I enjoy a variety of genres, but I usually lean toward thrillers and self-help books.”

What’s your favorite restaurant or meal? “Mexican or Thai food are my top picks. I love street tacos, chicken flautas, yellow curry and garlic fried rice. We won’t talk about my DoorDash obsession.”

What’s your favorite TV show or movie? “I was really into 24 and have finally given up hope on anyone making a 24 movie. Currently, I’m rewatching The Office for the millionth time on Netflix. I also love Marvel movies, Dancing With the Stars and Lifetime movies (yeah, yeah, I know).”

Complete this sentence: When I’m not working, I love to… “Spend time with my kids and friends.”

What are the five worst words in the English language? “I hate the word rural. I’ve never been able to pronounce it correctly. I strongly dislike hors d’oeuvres because I can’t remember how to spell it (in fact, I Googled it for this spotlight). I’m also not a fan of hullaballoo, wifey or firstly. I feel like I’m going to regret sharing this list after my passive-aggressive friends find my spotlight.”

We’re not passive-aggressive around here, so we won’t make a hullaballoo about the list. We’d like to thank Missy though, for generously sharing her stories, and to tell her to never give up hope because we hear Kiefer Sutherland is interested in a 24 reboot. But for now, back to those PDs.

Check back soon for another tantalizing profile of a valiant Crowd Content writer.

Maybe it’ll be you!

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As Director of QA/Enterprise Production, Lisa is in the trenches of content marketing everyday. She manages large-scale projects for some of the web's largest etailers, ensuring they get high-quality results on time.

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