How to Make The Most of a Bad Review

Writers with a few hundred articles under their belt feel confident about their abilities and know their limitations.

It’s quite different for newer writers. Writing emails and blogs is not the same as article writing, and when a client gives a less than favorable review, new writers might feel discouraged.

Here’s how to make the most of a bad review.

It’s Not You, It’s …

In many instances, a bad review is not your fault. Some people are hard to please. They post a title for a one star writer, but expect the expertise of a four star writer.

The guidelines might not have been very clear. Some clients specify a professional, friendly or humorous tone for their article or blog post, while others leave writers guessing how to approach the subject.

Talk, Don’t Write

In creative writing, the rule “show don’t tell” applies, but articles have their own set of rules. When you find yourself stuck finding the right tone, imagine talking to a friend about the subject.

Most people don’t have any problem talking about something. They don’t think, they just launch into a conversation.

Apply the same rule when writing, don’t write – talk. Imagine a family member or friend is sitting next to you and tell him about a city, a work of art, or a kitchen appliance.

Take Your Time

Writers are known to specialize in procrastinating. Many frown upon this, but procrastinating is often a good thing.

Sitting in front of your computer, waiting for inspiration to strike, can be a waste of time. If all you do is stare or your keyboard or screen, get up and forget about writing.

Go do the dishes, feed the pets, or go for a walk. Chances are, when you’re no longer thinking about writing, the right words will just come to you.

You Can Do It

Many writers shy away from challenging subjects and prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Yet trying something new can be an educational and rewarding experience.

If it works out, great, if not, at least you tried. The key is to try again, and again. Few great works were achieved with a first attempt.

The key, as with everything, is perseverance.

Don’t let a bad review put you off from trying again and again. What wasn’t good for the goose might be good for the gander.


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Conny is the author of approximately 2,000 informative articles and 1,000 product descriptions. She aims to combine her experience and education to provide the best content possible. Conny's has a BA in literature and specializes in internet research.

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