Blog Writing Tips Most People Do Not Talk About

Blog Writing Tips Most People Do Not Talk About

Blog Writing Tips Most People Do Not Talk About

Blog writing has become big business. People everywhere are making a living at writing about topics they are passionate about.

There are plenty of resources available on the Internet to help a person enter the blogging game, but what happens once you are in?

This post will discuss helpful tips and tools to improve your blog and pave the way to your blogging success.

Content Creation

Your blog topics are what will draw readers in. Using life as an inspiration is a great way to keep the good topics coming. Your life experiences, conversations, and current events can be the catalyst for some great material.

When life is slow and topics are scarce, try using Hubspot’s blog topic generator. It is an easy to use, helpful tool for when you are stuck.  

Check Your Grammar

Your post is not worth reading if your grammar and spelling are not perfect. Be the blogger who cares about the reading experience and use Grammarly to tighten up your writing.

This free app catches more mistakes than any other grammar/spell checker on the market. It will give you alternatives to words and phrases and help with comma rules. It is great for the run on sentence experts out there. 

Photos Can Make a Post Sparkle

Now that your writing is tightened and worth reading, add pictures. Photos can break up your writing and make your post more eye-catching. For free professional quality pictures, try Pixabay or MorgueFile.

All their photos are free to use and they are high quality. In fact, Crowd Content and other content marketing companies frequently utilize Pixabay for their blog photos.

Call Them to Action

Part of the purpose of blogging is to engage your audience. Inspire your readers to get involved in the process through a call to action.

At the end of your post, place a simple question in a nice eye-catching color to encourage your readers to engage in a conversation about your post. The more you can get your readers to engage, the more traffic you can experience.

Blog writing can be rewarding and, ultimately, drive business. When done properly, you can educate and build your audience. These tools will make your blog more appealing.

Now your post will be ready for prime time. Check out this post from Crowd Content explaining when is the best time to release your post.

Happy Blogging!


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