7 Freelance Tips That Helped Me Succeed

Just like everything else, it’s not easy to get started as a new freelance writer. That doesn’t mean that it’s an uphill task either. And while there’s only a thin line that distinguishes the pros from newbies, a few tips and advice can easily make you move to becoming a freelance writer pro.

1. Believe In Yourself and Your Writing

When it comes to writing, everyone else is doing it, from blogging, self-publishing to micro-blogging. In fact, recent studies reveal that over 53 million Americans are now freelancing according to Upwork. This is predicted to increase by 50% by the year 2020. The trick is to believe you can equally make money as a freelance writer and secondly, believing that your writing is worth a lot of money.

2. Be Sure To Always Hit Your Deadlines

Nothing will scream amateur louder than failing to submit articles assigned to you on time. And with editors, they’d rather deal with a mediocre article in their inbox than working with nothing at all.

Ensure you hit deadlines and if you have a good reason why you won’t make it, let your editor know immediately.

3. Setup Your Blog

If you haven’t setup a blog yet, maybe it’s time you did. Sites like WordPress offer you an opportunity to start a free site you could use to strengthen your brand.

What do you love writing about? Your blog markets you and equally shows your experience as a freelance writer even for a newbie.

4. Join the Freelancers Union and Connect With Other Freelancers

Freelancers Union is a treasure mine for any freelancer, full of useful information and resources. The site was specially created to grow the freelance community, and its blog is full of interesting articles you’ll surely gain a lot. Moreover, you could equally build a great relationship with fellow freelance writers.

Daily writing tips encourages freelance writers to establish a client-exchange agreement. Whenever you’re busy to handle any project, recommend someone else. This way, they’ll do the same for you.

5. Ask Clients to Act as References

Build the confidence and ask satisfied clients to act as references or write a nice referral note for you. You can easily use these as boosters to land even better paying writing jobs with new clients whenever needed because they’ll be able to rate your experience.

6. Keep the Communication Lines Open

There’s nothing more important than staying in touch with your clients. If you’re unsure about anything in your assigned project, feel free to contact your clients and ask for clarifications.

7. Above Everything Else, Love What You Do And Just Start

Freelance writing is perhaps not the right career for you if you don’t love writing. Amid all the rewrites, challenging requests and dealing with last minute deadlines, you’ll be faced with a very challenging task that requires patience and hard work.

And with Elance reporting a 46% increase of businesses hiring freelancers by the year 2013, there is no doubt something out there for you now as a new freelance writer.


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Charity holds a masters degree in Marketing. She has five years of article writing experience in fields such as economics, technology and management. She promises to deliver top-quality content on time.

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