5 Ways to Ensure You Are Writing Valuable Content

While almost anyone can create content, it takes the talent of a skilled content writer to create valuable content. Writing content is more than just creating a document around keywords and calling it a day.

Valuable content requires a writer to organize, research, put themselves in the shoes of both the business owner and the consumer and make sure the content passes the value test.

The following are 5 ways to ensure that your written content is valuable:

1. Valuable Content Requires Organization

Valuable content is organized content. Creating templates for content creation can help ensure that your content is consistent, has all the important information it needs and will appeal to the targeted audience.

Creating templates for landing pages, home pages, about us pages and other pages can make your writing flow smoother and make sure that any valuable information is included on its respective page.

It is also helpful to create a spreadsheet based on a sites structure to track the status of each page and where it is in the content creation process.

2. Valuable Content Requires Research

Research starts with asking the client important questions about their particular business. This includes when the business started, what type of products or services they offer, their targeting audience and any wording or information they want or do not want to be included in the content.

As a writer, you must be able to ask the right questions that will provide you with information specific to each client to help you build informative, unique content that will help increase traffic and sell their product or service.

Research competitor websites, trusted sources and create a reference page to use while writing the content.

3. Put Yourself in the Client’s Shoes

By putting yourself in the client’s shoes, it means that you need to become a temporary expert on the products or services the client offers.

For example, if you are writing content for an auto dealership that has a large amount of competition, put yourself in the client’s shoes and determine what makes this dealership different from the others.

Pick a few points that stand out such as the makes or models of vehicles they offer, a service they have the others do not or a variety of other points. By writing content from a client’s perspective you are able to highlight the unique nature of a specific business and increase the value of the content.

4. Play the Role of the Consumer

By looking at content from a consumer viewpoint, you can offer value by answering consumers questions. Why should they choose the products or services this company offers? What makes them different than their competition?

Exactly what products and services do they offer? Have previous customers had a positive experience with this company?

Imagine that you are interested in the product or service the client offers and provide all the information you would want to know and what would make you choose that business.

5. Rate the Value of Your Finished Content

After content in written, reviewed and edited, it is important to put it through one last check, a value check. Go back to your templates and make sure all the information the client provided you with is included. Make sure that any keywords are included and flow with the content.

Make sure that every point that was touched on in the initial interview has been covered.  In other words, simply ask yourself if you have highlighted the unique nature of the client’s business and have created consumer-friendly, informative content that will keep a consumer interested and answer the call to action.

Increasing the value of your content requires organization and dedication to your client as well as the products or services they offer. By providing valuable content you will offer an invaluable tool for success for both clients and yourself.


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Tara is a skilled Content Marketing Manager and Team Leader that has performed a variety of tasks associated with digital content marketing from social media to web content. She specializes in Automotive content, but with honed research skills, she is skilled at writing about any topic.

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