Why Be Active in Small Social Networks?

Small Social Networks

Small Social NetworksWe hear a lot about the top social networks and the importance of having a presence on the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, many professionals have found that smaller platforms allow for more meaningful connections which can accelerate the process of building online credibility.

Small Social Networks = Less Competition

Smaller networks have fewer members. While this means that you will meet fewer people in them, it also means you will find it easier to become the local expert in your niche. As the big fish in a small pond, you will wield authority you can then leverage to the larger networks.

In small networks, the relationships feel more intimate. You will have time to respond to everyone and make them feel important. This can help you establish much stronger bonds than you might be able to build on larger platforms.

Once you have established yourself, you will find your connections turn to you when they have questions in your field of expertise. They will refer others to you when appropriate. They will even help promote you to their Facebook and Twitter streams when they feel your offerings add value.

Greater Focus

Small social networks are often more focused. Many forums target specific niches, but even those forums with diverse subjects organize themselves into topical threads. This allows you to communicate with those most receptive of your content.

On Facebook and Twitter, your messages compete with your followers’ varied interests and personal acquaintances. Many followers will learn to ignore your updates when they are not interested in exploring your topics or are distracted by friends and family. However, when these followers come to a forum to learn more about your niche or choose to spend time in a smaller network, you will not compete with the same distractions.

Finding Small Social Networks

You may have to dig a little to find social networks that suit your purpose because smaller networks are less visible. You also do not want to waste too much time building a presence on a network that is too small to be useful or which does not contain your target customers.

Search for your keywords with the words the word “forum” to find highly targeted forums. For example, searching “accounting forum” will bring up a number of results. You can also look for networks organized geographically, like “Wisconsin business forum.”

Finally, keep your eye on new networks that arise. Establishing your authority early on a new platform that catches on with the general public may make you the big fish in a big pond someday.


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