How to Create a Social Media Plan That Builds Momentum

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Social media can be a valuable content marketing tool if used right. But even the best social media plan takes time to bear fruit. You need to have patience and devise a plan based on building momentum, rather than expecting immediate results. The following tips will help you create a social media plan that builds momentum in order to better succeed at marketing content.

Start Small But Exciting

Fans of the original “Star Wars” trilogy understand this concept. The first conflict in the original movie was the capture of Princess Leia. Her rescue mission was rather easy to accomplish, but incredibly engaging. It was only due to the completion of that mission that greater conflicts were revealed.

Social media content marketing should work the same way. Social media is designed to express compact ideas, between the 140 character limit of Twitter to the way Facebook only shows the first few lines of long posts. If you try to sidestep these limitations, you are using social media the wrong way. Embrace the format for what it is when posting to social media.

Sharp, witty, exciting, and engaging posts on social media attract attention. And if the posts are amusing, exciting, or powerful enough, your audience will share them with others. By starting with small ideas that attract attention, you help build an audience that will be receptive to larger posts in the future.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating a social media plan is focusing on only a single social media platform. While Facebook continues to hold the lead in social media network usage, that lead is shrinking. Networks like Twitter, Google+, and Instagram all also have hundreds of millions of active users.

More important than statistics, though, is the fact that social media users tend to be aggressively attached to their networks. If you don’t support a social media network, you are likely alienating potential customers or clients.

Make Employees Part of Your Plan

Customers and clients love interacting with employees on social media, because it makes them feel like they better understand your business. Not only should you permit employee generated content on social media, but you should encourage and reward it.

If employees are engaging in a running dialogue with your social media audience, that audience is more likely to return in the future.

Keep Up the Pace

Once you have managed to build momentum, it is just as critical that you maintain it. If your social media presence doesn’t keep up with the level of interest that you have created, that interest will begin to fade.

Maintaining momentum means dedicating resources to your social media plan that streamline your social media content. If you don’t streamline, the value gained from your social media plan will be counteracted by the increased costs of maintaining that plan.


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