Facebook 360: What It Is and How It Could Help Online Marketers

Facebook 360 is an innovative, captivating and stunning way that content creators and publishers share their stories and experiences with their fans.

It is interactive in that as the video plays you can turn the device or move your finger within the video to explore every angle.

Facebook 360 has been described as the next evolution of the online video content. Marketers should pay attention to the new trend since it offers them unique opportunities. It offers new ways that one can boost their social media engagement.

1. It offers a different form of telling a story

With Facebook 360 the users get an immersive experience that they do not get with a typical video. The user has control over what they see it can be described as choose your own adventure.

This can be an excellent tool for the publishers that wish to deliver a rich media experience. They are able to give their audience a fully interactive look at your content.

2. Showcasing products

Facebook 360 offers an opportunity for companies to use the full potential of the technology to showcase their products. It can be a creative way to show the process your products go through.

It increases user engagement and it extends the reach of the message they wish to pass across.

Facebook 360 for marketers

3. Use it to promote destinations

This is one of the best applications of Facebook 360. In the hospitality and tourism industries, this technology can help them create experiences for the users.

The best thing about the technology is that even if you are on a limited budget you can use this technology. This has made it very popular among travel bloggers as well as you tubers.

Most of the time the viewers will put more trust in their opinion since they usually feel a personal connection.

4. Sharing adventures

Most people do not have the skills to do some activities, but they are curious how it feels to experience the adventures. It allows the viewer to be part of an incredible experience.

Even though Facebook 360 is relatively new, its use is rapidly growing due to the content versatility and the high level of user engagement.


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