Dominate Social Media Marketing via Online Content Development

Social Media Marketing Gets People SharingA successful social media marketing campaign begins with great content. In order to get people excited about your company, you have to offer something they cannot resist sharing with others. Online content development involves learning who your target customers are, which social media networks they frequent, and what interests they share, so you can create content that resonates with them.

Identify Your Target Demographic

The more you know about the customer you intend to reach with your content marketing, the easier it will be to target your content to their needs and interests. Start by establishing their age, gender, and income level, then flesh out the profile with details about the media they consume. When planning your online content development, you want to consider:

  • Television shows they watch;
  • Books and magazines they read;
  • And, of course, social media networks they visit regularly.

Content marketing allows you to create very specific and targeted messages, and this in-depth understanding of your ideal customer’s influences will give you the phrases and cultural references that will best succeed for your social media marketing strategy.

Online Content Development

Once you have a clear picture of your ideal customer, you should determine the type of content and the proper format in which to provide it.

A young audience may respond best to YouTube videos shared on Facebook, whereas a tech savvy crowd might gravitate to infographics posted on Google+. A business-to-business audience will be looking for educational material that answers their questions and solves their problems. If yours is a business-to-consumer company, you will want to lean more toward content that entertains or offers discounts.

Look at what your ideal customers are sharing already to learn what content marketing vehicles get passed along to their networks.

Social Media Marketing

Online content development does not end with the content you produce. Your social media posts will be part of the content you share and will affect the degree to which social followers participate in spreading your message.

You will want to keep in mind that each social media platform differs in nuance, and it is often better to have a highly engaged stream on one network rather than superficial, ineffectual streams on several different sites.

Sharing the content of power users in your chosen industry and social platform will you help you grow your social media marketing reach when they choose to return the favor. Many bloggers have seen their subscriptions shoot up the first time a power blogger tweeted out a post for them.

Content Marketing Rules the Internet

Everyone goes on the Internet looking for something. It may be news, information, entertainment, or companionship. Whatever they seek, content marketing makes finding it easier. With highly targeted online content development, you too can succeed with content marketing!



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