A Social Media Consultant’s Take on Digital Marketing

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is a highly effective tool to build your brand and promote your company. As a social media consultant, I have witnessed the power of digital media in my clients’ marketing strategies. Where many organizations go wrong — particularly with smaller organizations — is in their content.

Here’s how you can up your content game and leverage the best of digital marketing.


1. Invest in Content

Not all companies have multi-million dollar marketing budgets, but the good news is that you don’t necessarily need a large budget to do content marketing right. I always recommend that my clients invest in quality writing.


Because great content is worth every dollar you spend.

With relevant content comes rewards such as increased engagement, increased website traffic, and ideally, increased leads. Content is an investment that has the potential for high reward.

2. Develop a Rhythm

We’ve all seen it. Companies that either spam you each day with their nonstop social media posts or companies we check out and see the last time they posted was July 2013.

Don’t be either of these.

From my experience, business owners are already at their max. Asking them to commit to posting regularly on social media seems like the most daunting task. That’s why I recommend utilizing the power of scheduling programs.

Programs such as HootSuite and Sprout Social can change your life. Crowd Content even has a handy Hootsuite integration, so you can schedule posts that were created by your writing team.

Set aside some time each week to schedule your social content. Mix this in with daily monitoring and responses and you’re set.

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Twitter Facts

According to Twitter, there are over 330 million monthly active users, averaging 500 million tweets per day. If you’re only tweeting once per day, the chances of your target audience seeing your content is minimal.

The social experts at Buffer recommend posting three times a day on Twitter. After three, tweets, you may see a decrease in audience engagement.

3. Always Review and Make Changes

The most amazing thing about digital media is that everything is in real-time. Traditional advertising left you stuck with an ad that was under-performing with a high price tag.

Digital media lets you see exactly how people are responding to your content as soon as you post it. Not liking the way your latest Facebook ad is performing? Pull it and start over.

The majority of clients that I have worked with say that switching from traditional print advertising to digital has not only increased business leads, it’s actually saved them money in the long run.

According to CMO Council, 28 percent of marketers have actually reduced their advertising budgets in 2015 all thanks to digital marketing.

Goodbye pricey print ads!

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4. Be Patient

Content marketing is the best investment you can make in your digital marketing strategy, but engagement and growth does not necessarily happen overnight.

Stick with it. Consistency is key in your strategy.


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Alex is a full-time marketing specialist and owner of her own social media strategy and management company that is based in Alberta, Canada.

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