How Small Businesses Can Harness Local, Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

There are several tools at the disposal of small and local businesses, but perhaps none that are growing as fast as mobile marketing.

What many small businesses don’t know, however, is that mobile marketing involves more than simply optimizing their site and email formats for mobile browsers.

If that’s all you’re doing to reach your local customers, you’re leaving a major well for reaching potential customers untapped.

Here are a few ways small businesses can take advantage of mobile marketing strategies in local markets:

Take Advantage of Geotargeting

For physical businesses that market to consumers, huge steps forward have been made in the area of mobile marketing. In 2015, Google announced a response to an increase in mobile searches containing some variation of the phrase “near me” in the form of a local advertising option for businesses.

This marked a significant expansion in the way businesses can interact with the mobile community in their area, including the ability to target deals directly to local consumers.

Geotargeting is a significant tool for local, product-based businesses to market on the basis of knowing their potential customers’ locations.

Advertise on Apps and Primarily Mobile Sites

Many sites, like Facebook and Twitter, are seeing increased use from mobile browsers. Some apps, like Foursquare and Snapchat, have a user base that is mostly or all active only on mobile devices.

To reach these users, you have to pinpoint the best mobile sites and apps on which to advertise, which entails keeping your ear to the ground on mobile trends and popular apps.

Here’s a blog that contains a guide of best practices for small businesses looking to capitalize on Facebook’s mobile site, using location extensions in their ad campaigns.

Distinguish SEO and Mobile SEO

There are different considerations to account for when striving for high rankings in mobile SEO than you’re probably used to paying attention to in your desktop SEO.

Mobile site redirection, pop-ups, page loading speeds and button size are all aspects that you’ll have to view in different ways to capture a high mobile SEO ranking for your keywords.

Here is a guide of best practices to follow for succeeding in a mobile SEO campaign, and driving local traffic.

Use these tips to make sure you’re not ignoring a huge marketing channel.

Do you have a current mobile marketing campaign, and if so, what’s working for you? Tell me about it in the comments!

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