5 Reasons Why Your Online Community is an SEO Goldmine

5 Reasons Why Your Online Community is an SEO Goldmine

Are you constantly looking for ways to build SEO for your website while escaping the wrath of Google and other top search engines? While creating high-quality content on an ongoing basis (preferably with a professional content writing service) is a great place to start, building an online community on your site can really enhance your SEO.

The online community is an untapped source of SEO gold that is successfully mined and brought to surface with user generated content.

Online Community, Your Personal Goldmine

How do I love thee, online community? Let me count the ways….

Sorry, some love had to be injected into this topic because once you see the value that  community can bring to your website, you might get emotional …and that’s okay.

In fact, most site owners and content managers work so hard at building good SEO, they overlook some of the easiest (and most obvious) optimization goldmine opportunities.

Online Community Generates SEO Love

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That’s what happens when you give all of your attention to SEO and it doesn’t return your love with traffic and search engine rankings for your website. Listed below are some of the best reasons to fall in love with an online community and collect some SEO gold for your website.

#1 – For the Love of Content

At this point, you are well aware of the relationship needs that exist between your website and Google. Great content is absolutely necessary for this love to thrive and grow. An online community can add literally hundreds of pages of great content to your site, at no cost to you!

#2 – More Hang, Less Bounce

Interaction that occurs within the community will spread to give your entire website a warm fuzzy SEO feeling. This lower bounce rate builds website value and increases optimization as more and more visitors decide to hang out.

#3 – Here’s Linking at You, Kid

Natural links are great for SEO but very difficult to achieve. With an community built by users sharing their life experiences and information learned in the process, your website gains much needed credibility and turns the head of Google and other search engines.

Best of all, your users become invested in your online community, and begin caring that it is being used correctly.

#4 – Suitors for your Site

An online community is a superb way to improve the level of traffic coming to your website. Even better, much of this improved traffic will be returning visitors who have found your website to be helpful, interesting or entertaining.

#5 – You Can’t Run from my Love

Your visitors’ previous exit strategies diminish as they stay and clicks through the various categories of your site, checking out pages upon pages of your amazing SEO optimized content.

Research shared by the University of Michigan reports a 19 percent increase in profits for sites with online communities.

User Generated Content and the Online Community

Whilst the explanation is entertaining and rather cosmo, the facts remain true and accurate. The online community is an untapped goldmine in SEO benefits and Google is going to fall in love with you all over again.


These results are provided with help from your target audience’s contributions: user generated content. Now is the time to decide which types of online communities will be best suited for your site.

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