How Can I Get in Touch with My Writer?

When placing a content order on Crowd Content, it can be difficult to know how much information to provide. While you’ll want to be as specific as possible in your directions and expectations, writers may interpret instructions differently unless they are explicitly stated. That’s why Crowd Content makes it easy to communicate with writers as needed.

The platform provides a simple interface for placing individual orders with writers. It asks simple, essential questions about your content requirements to ensure writers have all the information they need to complete it. It lets you select the type of content you want and add tags for relevant qualifications to help you attract the right writers. A large instruction box is provided for inputting specific details or providing outlines. The Crowd Content order form lets you provide as much supplemental information as possible to assist the writer with content creation.

But what if the order’s in progress and you forgot to include an essential piece of information? What happens if the content you receive doesn’t quite meet your expectations, and you want the writer to make revisions? At Crowd Content, we understand how important it is for you to be able to communicate with writers to ensure quality content.

Client-Writer Communication Options

  • The In-task messaging chat lets you send messages to the writer directly — they’ll receive an email when you send your message. If they’re currently working on the writer platform, a pop-up notification appears on their homepage.
  • Use revision requests to send the content back to the writer for polishing and fixing. You can include a specific message for what you’d like altered. This ensures the content they create is engaging your target audience, increasing search traffic and matching your content creation needs.

Guide to Messaging a Writer

Follow these steps for messaging a writer directly about an order:

  1. While logged into your account on, click the Content tab at the top of the page. Detailed information is provided in the given table for each order, including which writer is working on creating your content, the quality level, its total cost, current status and the date of last update.
  2. To communicate with a writer on an order, click on that order. The information for that order will load, and in the bottom right corner of the page is a small clickable tab that opens the in-task messaging box for that order.
  3. Click on the in-task messaging tab to open the box. This is where you can send a quick message to the writer directly, and they can respond back, much like a chat interface.
  4. Type your message and press enter. Your message will appear in the box, and the writer will receive an email and/or popup notification on their account.

Guide to Making a Revision Request

Suppose the content you receive doesn’t quite match your expectations — or maybe it does, but a few details are missing. Whether it’s minor revisions or something more extensive, revision requests are an excellent tool to ensure the content you receive is tailored and polished.

To make a revision request:

  1. Find the individual order you need revised on your content page.
  2. Click on it, then click the Request a Revision tab. A text box is provided where you can explain to the writer what changes need to be made. A current copy of the content is provided on this page as well for easy reference.
  3. Once you’ve stated exactly what needs to be fixed, click the orange Request Revision button.
  4. The writer will receive an email notifying them of your revision request, and they will have a certain allotted time (usually 24 hours) to make the revision and send it back to you for approval.

Getting in touch with your writer, whether through in-task messaging or requesting a revision, is a great way to ensure he or she understands exactly what you’re looking for, which can help them with future orders you place. Our community of writers aim to exceed client expectations so your content needs are met. You can also contact your customer success manager with any questions.

Nissa Wallace

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Helping manage over 15,000 clients from over 80 countries, Nissa works with the customer success team at Crowd Content. Her goal is to help clients create unique and relevant content for their digital strategy. Originally from a small town in the mountains, Nissa moved to Vancouver Island to satisfy her curiosity about sociology, and complete her degree in it. When she takes a break from clients and content, Nissa spends time with her partner and her dog, Tickle. She also loves to embroider, paint and draw.

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