Top 5 Resources Every Content Curator Should Use

Content Curation Tools

Content Curation ToolsIn a web era saturated with meaningless data and social media white noise, savvy audiences appreciate not having to make as many choices. That’s why curating content for your readership is so crucial. It’s not the content you present, it’s how you present it. There’s dozens of applications online to assist you in doing this the right way, but certain services offer a distinctive advantage over others.

1. Pinterest

Before you say, “Well, Duh,” consider the impact that Pinterest has had on the SEO world in the last year. It could be argued that Pinterest is the most important content curation site online at the moment. Any e-commerce vendor, marketer, offline merchant and website admin can put forth their best content in a structured manner in seconds. Better yet, it’s one of the best viral marketing sites around.

2. Bundlr

If ever there were a cloud application that was custom-built for content creation, Bundlr is it. It allows users to bundle content from around the web into distinct packages with an easy “Bundle This!” browser extension. You could consider it to be a spiritual successor to Evernote, but with a focus on sharing rather than personal use. In other words, it’s every content curator’s dream.

3. Storify

One of the greatest challenges for any content curator is coming up with a compelling story to tell to their followers. After all, nothing spurs people to action like a solid narrative. Storify takes the headache out of the composition part of the process by providing a dead simple user interface for curating content across various social networks, making effective viral marketing a cake walk.

4. Attrakt

Sifting through the incalculable volume of new content that’s created online every day for curation purposes requires some intelligent software. Fortunately, an intelligent search engine for just that purpose exists in the guise of Attrakt. It allows users to bookmark their favorite sites and search them for content based on specific central themes. Conversely, it’s also the perfect way to share your knowledge of a topic with others.

5. Curata

The name really says it all with Curata, a platform squarely aimed at those who want to curate an experience for their clients. Curata’s own CEO pointed out rather eloquently why content curation is so popular, given the current frenzied online environment. Curata absolutely nails it on every front, especially when it comes to organizing and cataloging content.

Curate to Content Success

Nowadays, the task of curating content to deliver a structured experience for one’s followers is oftentimes too great a challenge for any mere mortal to tackle on their own. That’s where the tools we’ve just profiled come in. By curating an experience for your audience using these versatile utilities, you’ll put yourself head and shoulders above the competition. Tailoring said experience to the right demographic will always win in the long run.


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