New Look and Features at Crowd Content

You’ve Been Heard

We listened to your feedback and learned about you. Then we put our developers to work, building all the new features you asked for. (Okay, not all, but most). Finally, we’re ready to release “the upgrades”!

Login and take a gander at these new gems (features):

File Uploads!

File Uploads
Upload files with your order.

That’s right, we now have file uploads! If you have multiple orders that you are managing

with a Microsoft Excel file, you can upload the file during the order description process. You can also upload Microsoft Word or PDF documents for orders that will benefit from supplemental materials, like re-writes.

At this time, file uploads are only available when doing a Managed Order (described next).

Managed Orders

We now offer two types of orders: Crowd Orders and Managed Orders. A Crowd Order is the exact same process you are used to at Crowd Content. Your order is submitted to our crowd of writers and automatically matched to the most relevant writer in our system, who then completes your order.

Managed Orders and Crowd Orders

Managed Orders, on the other hand, involve assistance from your Client Account Manager. When you place a Managed Order, your order is not submitted directly to the crowd. Instead, it is submitted to your Client Account Manager.

Your manager will then manually locate a writer (or writers) to complete your order. All other functionality remains the same. You can still review, request revisions, or reject all within your Crowd Content account.

Use a Managed Order when:

  • You want to request a writer you have used in the past
  • You have a file to upload with your order
  • You have arranged some special circumstances with your Client Account Manager

Use a Crowd Order when:

  • You want the fastest turnaround time
  • You want to expose your order to a high number of potential writers

New “Slick” Style and Navigation

Check out the new look of the user interface. Clearly labelled sections and convenient drop down menus help you stay organized and get things done faster.

We also know how much you love your account managers. That’s why we added their picture and contact information to the top of your page. Remember, these guys are here to help you in any way possible — including system support and advice on content strategies — so use them!

New Look and Feel to Crowdcontent
Convenient drop down menus and your Client Account Manager make life easy.



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Clayton is the Founder and CEO at Crowd Content, a content marketplace for clients and high performance writers. He enjoys writing about marketing ideas and content trends.

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