Feature Friday: How to Get Your Bigstock Images

Video tutorial: How to Get Your Bigstock Images

If you’re like most, your eyes are drawn to images before text.

We want you to be able to leverage the power of images with your content marketing. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to download high quality Bigstock images from directly within your Crowd Content account.

This video explains how you can easily retrieve photos that you have previously downloaded.

If, at anytime, you need a high quality photo to compliment your content marketing, you can choose from millions available directly in your account.


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Helping manage over 15,000 clients from over 80 countries, Nissa works with the customer success team at Crowd Content. Her goal is to help clients create unique and relevant content for their digital strategy. Originally from a small town in the mountains, Nissa moved to Vancouver Island to satisfy her curiosity about sociology, and complete her degree in it. When she takes a break from clients and content, Nissa spends time with her partner and her dog, Tickle. She also loves to embroider, paint and draw.

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