Common Mistakes When Hiring Blog Writers

Do your research when hiring blog writers

There is no quick and dirty technique that assures your content is going to get your web page on the number one slot for search results.

Search engines and people in general have become increasingly bombarded with content en mass. shares that over 70% of businesses realize that publishing is becoming more and more important a role in marketing efforts and are investing heavily in content.

If you don’t write your own content and you seek blog writers for hire, keep in mind some very important things to avoid some common mistakes when hiring blog writers.

Tap Key Emotions – Stop Trying to ‘Sell’

If they (your target audience) like and trust you, they will buy/engage from/with you. It’s not about you or your product. Gone are the times where just placing advertisements everywhere and expecting a certain percentage return on that investment will result in direct sales.

Now, buyers are more sophisticated than ever and want to be given something they consider value added up front. It’s like dating, you have to be willing to take them out a few times to gain their interest, give them something to believe you are interested in them and only then will they be willing to take a closer look at what you are selling.

They need to trust you have their interest in mind. When hiring blog writers, be sure they have a heart for your audience and knowledge of what moves them.

Create a Content Creation Culture – Don’t Just Hire and Forget About Them

Be involved with your writers. You have to set the bar high and remain engaged yourself. Don’t just hire a blog writer and expect a superstar overnight. Set goals and expectations by

  • Investing in qualified hires. You get what you pay for.
  • Using analytics and feedback to increase engagement, decrease bounce rates and improve content overall.
  • Inspire ~ give incentives and rewards to your writers, friendly competition is healthy and authors that perform particularly well should be rewarded or highlighted for their contribution.

For more help in finding and differentiating between good and bad writers, ideas to help you identify your needs and goals check out our resources page as well!


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Chase has over 20 years experience in marketing/sales with a business degree and advanced graduate education from Boston University in IT Project Management. She is a licensed real estate broker and experienced web developer/designer. She can deliver timely, relevant copy for your technology, real estate, business and web related topics.

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