Can You Outsource Landing Page Copywriting? 7 Things to Consider First

Landing page copywriting requires a lot of technique infused with a heady dose of artistic flair. You need a writer who can convey the best aspects of your product or service to consumers and convince them to buy in; numbers and data work, but only if they’re buoyed by emotion. People want a reason to […]

4 Qualities a Good Content Writer Needs Heading Into 2019

Writers are expected to master all kinds of skills—they’re supposed to have fantastic grammar, a hint of wit, the ability to describe even the most mundane things in vivid detail and a talent for downing barrel-sized cups of coffee in a single gulp—but with all that skill comes a tendency to overlook something important. One […]

The Three Types of Writers Your Brand (Probably) Needs

So, you want to hire a writer. Hiring outside help is a phenomenal way to boost marketing efforts while ensuring your brand is in experienced, linguistically capable hands — but writers aren’t all created the same. In fact, there are several different types of writers, all of whom have their own strengths, weaknesses and areas […]

6 Situations Where Content Rewriting Can Help Your Marketing

As much as I like to avoid cliches, there’s truth in them, and sometimes they’re just the best way of saying something. We all know — quality content is king. As noted by Forbes, “It’s what separates the winners from the losers online; it’s what will help your site rank well in the search engines, […]

Buying Pre-Written Articles: The Pros, Cons and Everything In Between

Content is king. As noted by AdWeek, “Consumers have flat-out become fatigued with the standard fare historically represented in brand marketing.” Companies must find a way to create content that breaks the mold, engages potential customers and ultimately drives increased revenue. And, with over 70 percent of companies outsourcing content creation, finding the best outsourcing […]

Are Editors Essential to Your Content Marketing Success?

Content marketing is driven by a quest for the best possible ROI. What you get in return for your investment determines which strategies stick. After all, no one wants to throw good money after bad, and funneling your financial commitment toward the channels that work best is the smartest play you can make. What does […]

The Struggles with Content Planning and How to Overcome Them

Spontaneity has its place. If you’re deciding between tacos and Thai for dinner, wavering between a Cosmo or Stella or pondering how long you’ll stay on the ski slope, winging it is just fine. If you’re funneling your hard-earned resources into content planning, you might want to invest more than the quarter you’re using for […]

How to Build a Brilliant Content Strategy in 6 Easy Steps

Have you ever had a nightmare where you wandered in the desert for days choking on sand and gasping for water, but try as you might, you never seem to get off the same dune you’ve been endlessly trudging up? A scene from A Far Place? When you’re covering your channels in content without a […]

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