Social Media Management: The New Marketing Trend

It is not uncommon for a small business to spend much of their budget on advertising. Even with a good product, it can be difficult to sell if the client base isn’t there. Writers and other freelance professionals deal with the same issue, except that instead of marketing a product, they are selling a service. […]

Following Coca-Cola’s Lead for Social Media Marketing

The failed 1985 New Coke marketing gimmick aside, Coca-Cola is a powerhouse of brand engagement and culture. From the award-winning Mean Joe Greene Super Bowl commercial in 1979 to rock-studded musical advertisements, the software giant is known for memorable commercials and ingenious marketing campaigns. When it comes to social media marketing, though, Coca-Cola faces some […]

Don’t Ignore these Basics for Building a Successful Brand with Social Media

Roughly 40 percent of the world’s population has some type of Internet connection. 20 years ago that number wasn’t even 1 percent. By the time 2005 hit, more than one billion people were using the Internet. That number hit three billion in 2014 and continues to grow with each passing year. With so many people […]

How to Attract New Clients on Social Media

The world of social media is constantly in flux. MySpace was once the hottest website to visit, but it has long since been abandoned in favor of other social media websites. Which social media sites and apps are a hit can change rather quickly, but there are opportunities to connect with potential clients on all […]

How to Use Social Media as a Research Tool for Your Writing

Social media can reward writers in many ways, and all writers should have social media pages that they regularly update. One aspect of social media that isn’t always apparent, however, is the fact that social media can help you find exactly the information you need for an assignment. Save time and find unique content when […]

A Social Media Consultant’s Take on Digital Marketing

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is a highly effective tool to build your brand and promote your company. As a social media consultant, I have witnessed the power of digital media in my clients’ marketing strategies. Where many organizations go wrong — particularly with smaller organizations — is in their content. Here’s how you can up […]

Why Putting Social Media on Auto Pilot Works

Inconsistency is a social media serial killer. Maybe you’re great at writing and curating awesome social media posts but if you have a hard time getting even one post per day it’s time to reconsider your process. Especially if you’re producing rich content, like videos, podcasts or blog posts, your audience wants to know that they […]

How to Create a Social Media Plan That Builds Momentum

Social media can be a valuable content marketing tool if used right. But even the best social media plan takes time to bear fruit. You need to have patience and devise a plan based on building momentum, rather than expecting immediate results. The following tips will help you create a social media plan that builds […]

Feature Friday: How to Streamline Your Social Media Content

Feature Friday this week demonstrates how you can quickly and easily have content created for, and distributed to, your social media channels. From within your Crowd Content account, you can easily have your writers create Facebook and Twitter posts for your company. Once the social media content is completed by your writer, you can distribute across any […]

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