13 Types of Blog Posts to Fire Up Your Readers (And Your Editorial Calendar)

The secrets to winning with blog post marketing aren’t really secret. The keys to the conversion kingdom tend to be quality content at a consistent publishing schedule. But after weeks, months or years of publishing, simply keeping pace with your posting schedule can be daunting. One reason for that is blogger burnout. Whether you’re an […]

How Can PR Support Your Content Marketing Strategy?

News flash: Press releases aren’t the outdated rotary phones of marketing you may think they are. While it’s true we no longer rely solely on PRs to let journalists know about an event or appearance, we’ve found a new use for these handy pieces of communicatory collateral. Learning how press releases support your content marketing […]

The Three Types of Writers Your Brand (Probably) Needs

So, you want to hire a writer. Hiring outside help is a phenomenal way to boost marketing efforts while ensuring your brand is in experienced, linguistically capable hands — but writers aren’t all created the same. In fact, there are several different types of writers, all of whom have their own strengths, weaknesses and areas […]

Are Editors Essential to Your Content Marketing Success?

Content marketing is driven by a quest for the best possible ROI. What you get in return for your investment determines which strategies stick. After all, no one wants to throw good money after bad, and funneling your financial commitment toward the channels that work best is the smartest play you can make. What does […]

Crowd Content Platform – Base Features

Dashboard Your Dashboard makes it easy and quick to see what’s happening with your recent content orders. Recent Activity Easily view recent activity on your account. We’ve added intuitive icons that tell you when orders are placed, picked up by writers, dropped by writers, or ready for review. Simply hover over an activity item to […]

RSS Feeds: Old But Proven Tech for Spreading Your Message

RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, is a way of letting your audience know when you have a new blog post, news article, video, podcast or product on your site. This protocol is more than 16 years old now, and it was one of the most popular methods early bloggers […]

3 Tips to Help Your Emerging Ecommerce Business Surge

You might have heard… it’s not a bad time to start an ecommerce business. The industry is growing fast, there’s little overhead involved with a purely digital online store, and more people are doing their shopping online every day, in all sectors. But people that rush into entrepreneurship don’t often take the time to consider […]

4 Ways Bad Content Can Hurt Your Marketing ROI

The public praise of content marketing is difficult to ignore: one set of data suggests that a brand that publishes 15 new blog posts per month will see 1200 new leads per month, on average. Somewhere along the way, however, marketers are taking this to mean that simply posting a blog or two a week is […]

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