3 Tips to Help Your Emerging Ecommerce Business Surge

You might have heard… it’s not a bad time to start an ecommerce business. The industry is growing fast, there’s little overhead involved with a purely digital online store, and more people are doing their shopping online every day, in all sectors. But people that rush into entrepreneurship don’t often take the time to consider […]

4 Ways Bad Content Can Hurt Your Marketing ROI

The public praise of content marketing is difficult to ignore: one set of data suggests that a brand that publishes 15 new blog posts per month will see 1200 new leads per month, on average. Somewhere along the way, however, marketers are taking this to mean that simply posting a blog or two a week is […]

3 Steps to Mastering the Art of Email Content

How often do you send an email straight to the trash without opening it? If you’re like most people, it probably happens to you dozens of times every day. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, many emails that aren’t absolutely essential are delegated to the trash can instead of claiming a few seconds of a reader’s […]

We Are Small Business – Why Email Tips for Small Businesses Work for Freelancers Too!

Many freelancers don't think of themselves as small businesses, simply because the term "small business" conjures up images of a cute little storefront on a quiet small town street. While this is true for a quaint bakery, it's also true for those of us who sit at home, typing relentlessy away at our computers.  When we begin […]

Content Creation: Outsourcing vs In-House – What’s Your Best Option?

You already know that fresh, relevant content is essential to the success of your on-line marketing efforts. What you might not know is whether you should be creating this content in-house, or outsourcing your blogs, tweets, white papers and website copy – after all, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to your content. […]

How to Synergize Email Marketing Content with Blogging

There is a tricky relationship between traditional marketing content on websites and email marketing content. Email content has the advantage of having better organic reach, but it is less likely to engage your audience. Traditional marketing content is more engaging, in part because your audience usually takes independent action in order to view that content. […]

Social Media Content Tip: Use Images to Get More Reach

There are more platforms for content marketing today than there were even a few years ago. Between business web pages, blogs, online newsletters, and the glut of new social media options, the available content marketing options are nearly limitless. Unfortunately, there are also a growing number of hindrances to content marketing like the Google Panda […]

A Guide to Writing a Great Press Release

At one point in time, a press release writer only needed to post a well-written press release in a few conspicuous places to effectively reach their target audience. Today’s consumer is highly selective with how and where they receive information. By understanding the different attributes of a press release, as well as how to market […]

5 Time-saving Tips for White Paper Writers

White papers are a highly effective marketing tool that, when done correctly, can relay content that is rich in information. Whether you are writing the white paper yourself, or hiring a professional writer to create an effective white paper, you can: Provide valuable information about current events and how they affect your company Present new […]

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