A Marketer’s Guide to Exploring Effective Content Distribution Channels

Your customers are here, there, and everywhere, scrolling social media, searching Google, and shopping on mobile apps. As a marketer, you have more opportunities than ever to engage audiences, but the trick is to deliver your messages on the content distribution channels they most frequently use.  This guide offers clarity around the content channels you […]

Do These Top 5 AI Content Detection Tools Really Work?

Convenient, intuitive, and increasingly present in many aspects of our lives, generative AI is reshaping the content industry in remarkable ways. When used wisely, it can help create better content and more efficient processes, but overuse in content writing can lead to bland, inaccurate, or even misleading articles. This is where AI content checkers come […]

Simplifying the Complex: Why Technical Writing Matters

Suppose you’re preparing to roll out an exciting new app, and you need a step-by-step guide to show customers how to use it. Or, maybe your organization recently completed a groundbreaking study and you’re eager to share what you’ve learned — except you have no idea where to start. If these — or similar — […]

Are Seasons Capitalized?

You’re writing a feature on the Summer Olympics or a blog post about the winter solstice. But — wait. Are seasons capitalized? Many writers are uncertain whether the words winter, spring, summer and autumn begin with a capital letter. You’re not alone if you turn to Google to answer the question. Let’s clear up the capitalization confusion […]

What Is Evergreen Content and Why Do You Need It?

There’s content, and then there’s evergreen content. You might be thinking… “What is evergreen content, and why do I need it?” Hint: Evergreen content attracts continuous organic traffic and loyal readers. How does that sound? In this post, you’ll learn what evergreen content is, why it’s important, and how to create it. Let’s get started! […]

White Paper Examples & How to Advice to Drive Amazing Results

We created this post to answer many of the questions our clients had about white paper creation and provide some good white paper examples. Please get in touch if you have any other questions.  Marketers that understand how to create content for every stage of the buyer journey know that leveraging different types of content […]

Creating Content For Every Step of The Buyer’s Journey

If you’re not creating content for every step of the buyer’s journey, you’re literally leaking conversions and profits. Let’s look at how to support buyers’ through their journeys to maximize conversion rates and marketing ROI. Need a hand creating content? Connect with the best content writers on the web. What Is the Buyer’s Journey? The […]

Freelance Writer Rates: How Much Should You Pay in 2024?

The right amount to pay a freelance writer in 2024 depends on many factors. You can’t spend more than your profit margin allows, but you also want to be fair to the talented folks churning out your white papers and blog posts. To help you get the most bang for your buck while protecting your […]

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