Feature Friday: How to Start Your Content Campaign

Today, Scott explains how you can get exclusive access to Campaigns. Campaigns is an excellent tool for the savvy online marketer. It allows you to schedule your blog posts, tweets, facebook posts, and really any content, all at once in one place. Contact your account manager if you would like to have the feature enabled in […]

Feature Friday: How to Find Crowd Content Tutorials

Today’s Feature Friday is a bit of a funny one. We’re featuring our Feature Friday’s. Why does this help you? Do you have questions about how something works within your Crowd Content account? Our Youtubbe channel is where you will find the answer. Don’t feel like watching a quick tutorial video? No worries. You can […]

Feature Friday: How to Find Yourself the Perfect Writer

We’re so excited to annouce a new writer search feature! Our writers have been busy creating high quality content for you for a while now. Over this time, they have gained some serious knowledge in all sorts of different industries.   Now, you can easily find a writer who specializes in your business by simply typing […]

Feature Friday: How to Manage Your Content Folders

Do you like to keep your content organized?  This week’s feature showcases how you can easily delete and rename your content folders. Additionally, Curtis demonstrates how you can drag content from one folder into another.  This is a great feature for content marketers with high volume of content, and for e-tailers who like to keep their product […]

Feature Friday: How to Export Content in HTML

Are you the webmaster for your site? Today, Curtis demonstrates how you can export your content in HTML format. Once your writer has completed your content, you have a ton of options for exporting. Today, we’re focusing on full HTML export. If you have any questions about this feature, do not hesitate to contact your […]

Feature Friday: How to Streamline Your Social Media Content

Feature Friday this week demonstrates how you can quickly and easily have content created for, and distributed to, your social media channels. From within your Crowd Content account, you can easily have your writers create Facebook and Twitter posts for your company. Once the social media content is completed by your writer, you can distribute across any […]

Feature Friday: How to Change Your Account Settings

Today, Scott explains how easy it is to set a low funds notification, and change other areas of your profile and account information. If you have changed your address, you can easily update your account information under the Edit Account Info tab. Are you one of those people who likes to change their passwords every […]

Feature Friday: How to Create and Manage Writer Teams

It’s that time of year where we’re all organizing our 2015 content strategies. With that in mind, Curtis gives us a quick demonstration of how you can create a team of writers who specializes in writing about your industry. If you are new to Crowd Content, you can cruise through writer profiles and choose a writer […]

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