Write High-Performing Content Using Blog Post Templates

Crafting a compelling blog post from scratch is like trying to invent a new recipe off the top of your head. Throwing words at a page and hoping for the best won’t engage readers or help your content rank on search engines, so what’s the answer? Enter blog post templates.  In this guide, we explain […]

Why Outsourcing Your Blog Writing is a Smart Move

A blog can be a great way to share information with your target audience and increase your online visibility. For businesses, it can also be a useful marketing tool, helping you drive traffic to your website, build brand loyalty and generate promising leads. However, to reap the benefits of blogging, you’ll need to regularly post […]

Is There an Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO?

We’ve all heard chatter about what search engines deem the perfect blog post length, but is there such a thing? In short, no.  Still, length is an important consideration, and determining how much to write takes more than guesswork. If your posts are too short, it might leave readers wanting more, impact crucial SEO signals such as time on […]

Supercharge Your Content Marketing Strategy With a Blog-Writing Service

Blogs have evolved dramatically over the past 10-20 years. They’re no longer limited to online journals — now, they’re valuable marketing tools that can drive traffic, build authority and strengthen your sales funnel. When you’re short on time, a blog-writing service can help you capitalize on the business-building benefits without adding to an already packed […]

How to Create B2B Content Ideas for Your Blog

If you want your business to rank well on search engines, your content must appeal to your audience and establish you as an expert in your niche. But effective B2B content marketing ideas aren’t always easy to come by. They must be intriguing enough to generate traffic, offer plenty of value so audiences stick around, […]

5 Things to Plan for When You Outsource Blog Writing

Blog posts are important for many businesses — in some cases, they can even be the bread and butter of your content marketing strategy. According to a survey of business-to-business content marketers by the Content Marketing Institute, more than 90% of businesses use blog posts for content marketing. Keeping up with that competition can take […]

How Long Should a Blog Post Really Be?

How long should a blog post be? Well, as with many marketing questions, the classic “it depends” is a good answer. The experts behind content analysis tool Yoast say a standard page should be at least 300 words long and cornerstone content should start around 900 words. HubSpot looked at its data and puts the ideal blog […]

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Working With Blog Ghostwriters: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed With Quality Content

Hiring ghostwriters is a tried-and-true method for generating high-quality content, especially when you need to do so at scale. Discover how this tactic can help you create quality blog posts. What Is Blog Ghostwriting? Blog ghostwriting occurs when someone who isn’t listed as the author creates the content for a blog post.  You might pay […]

Hiring Blog Writers? 7 Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Quality content matters. Search engines and internet users have become increasingly bombarded with content. Websitemagazine.com shares that over 70% of businesses realize that publishing is an increasingly important role in marketing efforts and are investing heavily in content. That means the competition is fierce. Hiring blog content writers who can put the magic touch on your blog […]

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