How to Write SEO Content for Real Humans

The purpose of SEO content writing services is to create content that will rank well in searches. However, producing content that is search-friendly is not enough.

Your content must provide value to your readers. Read on to learn about four ways to create SEO content for real humans.

Never Mind Keyword Density

Since Google penalizes pages that are stuffed with keywords, then surely there is an optimal keyword percentage, right? As convenient as that would be, optimal keyword density is a myth.

Once upon a time, search engine crawlers would look for keywords on a website to help users find the content that would meet their needs. Since then, search engines have become far more intuitive.

Web pages that feature quality content rank much higher than pages that are stuffed with keywords.

This is good news! Producing content that is interesting to a reader, rather than a search engine, does much to improve your credibility. Take the plunge; forget about keyword density and focus on creating high quality, enriching content.

Make Your Content Scannable

While long posts may rank higher in searches, they can seem intimidating to a reader. Make your content easy to scan by:

  • Using subheadings
  • Using a bold font to draw attention to key information
  • Shortening your sentences and paragraphs

Making your content scannable allows you to provide your readers with a lot of information in such a way that is easy to digest.

Use SEO Content Tools

Take the guesswork out of producing SEO content. There are an abundance of tools available that will help you create content that ranks high in searches. Here are three SEO content tools that can help you attract more visitors to your site.

Be a Perfectionist

No matter how innovative and interesting your content, spelling and grammatical errors chip away at your credibility. After you have written your content, proofread it.

Then, proofread it again. If possible, have someone else proofread it for you. A conversational tone is important when creating SEO content for real humans; impeccable grammar is equally important.

Does this sound too tedious and time-consuming? Consider hiring SEO content writing services to take care of your content creation.


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Katelyn Macdonald is an experienced freelancer with a Bachelors of Science in Business. Her work includes, but is not limited to, blog posts, product reviews and press releases. She also has experience in writing articles pertaining to travel and health-related topics. Katelyn Macdonald works hard to ensure her clients' satisfaction.

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