Why Retargeting Makes Your Content Better

Retargeting Can Boost Content Marketing

Since the dawn of modern SEO, content marketing has been a consistently effective tactic for businesses of all sizes when it comes to online promotion. During the past few years, the concept of retargeting has garnered quite a bit of attention from marketers and SMBs in every industry.

Many erroneously assume that retargeting is strictly confined to the realm of display ads. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If you rely primarily on content for clicks, retargeting can be a conversion bonanza.

A Quick Retargeting Primer

Generally speaking, retargeting is all about using web analytics and massive volumes of Big Data to increase conversions by fine-tuning your message for individual consumers. There are two basic ways to capitalize on this approach: search retargeting and site retargeting.

Search retargeting relies on the profiling of consumers via tracking cookies to nail down exactly what they’re searching for online. Site retargeting, on the other hand, is all about dynamically reconfiguring a website’s content to better appeal to specific visitors. It’s the latter method we’ll be interested for the purposes of content marketing.

Key Benefits & Advantages of Retargeting

There are many reasons why retargeting has become so popular in recent years. First and foremost, it can significantly improve the overall bottom line for companies by enabling them to stretch their advertising and content creation budgets. Less tangibly, it can also help to improve brand awareness for any business.

Content retargeting also allows brands to more accurately target consumers by using their past browsing histories to serve up relevant content that can help to better inform their purchasing decisions.

Productive Tactics & Techniques

In the content marketing arena, site retargeting is the preferred method for getting the most from a business’s present and future content. Through content retargeting, brands can achieve far higher click-through and conversion rates by strengthening connections to existing visitors.

Due to the fact that it’s less expensive than search retargeting, on-site content retargeting is ideal for SMBs with limited funds. Look no further than the recommended products listings on Amazon to see how effective content retargeting can be when done properly.

Getting Started with Content Retargeting

In order to retarget content effectively, you’ll need to log what visitors are looking at and searching for while browsing your site and tailor their next experience to be more relevant than the last. Oftentimes, initial visits won’t result in a sale or even a click-through. By retargeting content for repeat visitors, you can greatly increase the chances that they’ll make an eventual purchase.

Retargeting services like Chango and Big Fish specialize in helping online businesses to algorithmically reconfigure content for individual visitors. They can also assist SMBs in crunching analytics data to determine where best to spend their content creation dollars going forward.

Maximizing Your Content to the Fullest

Through the judicious use of retargeting, your existing stock of content can be leveraged to attract the appropriate consumers for any given promotion. If you’re already outsourcing content creation, calling upon third-party content retargeting service providers is a logical leap.

Evergreen content that can be easily repurposed will deliver the best value over time. Above all else, it’s important to remember that relevance is relative in the eyes of a potential customer. Retargeting can ensure that the right content matches up with the right consumer in the end.


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