What’s in It for Me? A Guide to Not Being Deleted as Spam

Everyone has gotten spam emails that they delete or even report as spam. However, they may be getting those emails because they signed up to get them.

As a marketer, you need to be able to send out marketing emails, but the ultimate goal is to get your email marketing list to read the emails and to stay on your list.

How do you keep your message from being seen as a nuisance? The answer is to put yourself in the place of the reader.

Why Do You Read Email?

When you read your own email, you aren’t thinking about what you can do for the companies that send you the emails. You are looking at what you can get from those emails.

Some of the marketing lists that you receive emails from may be of an informational nature. They may have a lot of concentrated information that you want with a marketing message somewhere within it.

Others are sale or deal emails that give you coupons, let you know about sales, new merchandise, etc. Both of these types offer you something that you’re looking for. That’s why you’re reading them.

What Do They Get?

When you create your own marketing emails, read through them and think about what your reader will get from them. They will only want to read it and stay on your list if they get value of some kind from it. They aren’t interested in your company’s name recognition or in what you have to say about yourself. All they want to know is what they get from it. If they get nothing, they will unsubscribe.

Think About the Value

If you are having trouble maintaining your email list, think about how you can add value to what you send to it. Could you cut out some of the marketing speak and replace it with more information? Could you make the coupon codes of a higher value?

Consider giving your email list access to information or coupons that aren’t available anywhere else. Let your list know that what they get is something they can’t get elsewhere.

If what you offer to your list is valuable and gives subscribers what they are looking for, your list will grow. It will allow your customers to stay engaged in what you do. It will also keep your name recognition spreading.


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Georgia is a full-time Web writer with a BA in journalism (2001). She has extensive experience writing Web content, Web copy, marketing materials, press releases, news articles and SEO pieces.

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