Top 5 SEO Tips for Twitter Marketing

Top 5 SEO Tips for Twitter MarketingObviously, Twitter is massively important to marketers that need quick results without spending much money. Many think that social media moves too quickly for most SEO technicians to take advantage of their usual tactics for higher rankings in the SERPs.

Realistically, your tweets can show up in high places in Google’s search results if you put in a bit of effort. Here are a handful of tips to make sure that happens.

1. The Username Weighs a Ton

On Twitter, your chosen moniker matters a lot when it comes to how followers and even window shoppers view your brand. Spend a little time picking a great handle for your account based on who you are and what you want to accomplish. Otherwise, you risk losing out on the more fickle consumers that judge a Twitter account based solely on the name you choose.

2. Get Them Above the Fold

When you get right down to it, Twitter is a tricky platform to master. The attention spans of most users are incredibly short when you consider the fact that no message can possibly exceed a short paragraph. Generally speaking, people pay attention to the first 42 characters or so and can’t be bothered to read on any further in many cases. Be sure that your main message is “above the fold” in your tweets.

3. Ditch Your URL Shortener

URL shorteners provided by Google or make it easier to cram more stunning information into your tweets but do little for SEO. You’d be better off optimizing your site’s structure to utilize short URLs so that you can include actual keywords in your links. Those keywords get indexed and contribute to better overall SEO. Ultimately, this increases the chances of getting into the SERPs for specific keywords.

4. Keywords Still Count Nowadays

Far too many have bought the hype regarding the obsolescence of keywords in the SEO equation. Like it or not, keywords will always help bots and humans to categorize content and find it based on the intent of different queries. You can optimize your tweet keywords for SEO without much effort and make a big difference in the SERPs depending on your cumulative social media clout.

5. Make Reciprocity a Priority

No doubt, it’s important to put some effort into on-page SEO in regards to your tweets. However, off-page SEO in the guise of re-tweets is every bit as important if you really want your Twitter campaigns to catch fire. There’s no magic formula to racking up loads of re-tweets other than good, old-fashioned social networking. Find others in your niche that share your passion and re-tweet their content with abandon.

SEO for 140 Characters or Less

In the social media SEO sphere, the first on the draw isn’t always the most likely to meet with success. While getting the jump on the competition in terms of when you fire off your tweets is a plus, it’s not the most important ingredient in a lucrative campaign. These SEO tips and tricks will help to ensure that your Twitter efforts aren’t in vain.


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