The Explanation Behind Click Assisted Conversions

The Explanation Behind Click Assisted Conversions

Understanding SEO means understanding every piece of the puzzle.

One small, yet significant, piece of that puzzle is the click assisted conversion.

Simply put, this refers to the amount of conversions from keywords, ads, or group assisted ads.

The analytic report for a click assisted conversion will differ from the assist clicks number simply because it is a narrower report and focuses only on the three specifics mentioned above.

The most important distinction associated with the click assisted conversion is the fact that it does not look at impressions from advertising.

Rather, it demonstrates the number of conversions assisted by advertising. The click assisted conversion category only displays conversion support, not direct conversions through advertising. It’s a slight difference, but it is a difference which can help businesses dig deeper into what the ads are actually doing for their website.

Example One

The first example demonstrating how this analytic works is for black purses. A customer searches the term in Google, clicks an ad associated with your website, but doesn’t convert to a sale.

Tomorrow, the same user conducts a Google search for brown purses, clicks your ad again, yet still does not convert.

The customer comes back a third time, searches for white purses, yet still does not convert. Finally, a conversion happens when the customer searches for wallets, clicks your ad, and makes a purchase.

The assist clicks would be as follows: black purses, brown purses, white purses. Click assisted conversions are as follows: conversion. Each column wold look as follows:

Assisted Click Chart

Each keyword shows one single click assisted conversion – the number of conversions which were assisted by each keyword is one, the wallet purchase.

Example Two

The second example finds a user searching for black socks. The customer clicks your ad for the socks, but doesn’t convert.

The next day, the customer searches for brown socks, clicks your ad, yet still does not convert.

The customer then searches again for black socks, and for a third time, does not convert. Two days later, the same customer searches for black boots, then converts the sale.

The assist clicks are as follows: black socks, brown socks, black socks. Click assisted conversions are as follows: conversion. Each column wold look as follows:

Click Conversion Chart2

The black socks keyword shows two assist clicks, as it assisted the conversion twice. As black socks assisted the exact same conversion, it receives a one in the click assisted column.

This is a very basic overview of click assisted conversions. The click assisted conversion helps a website owner understand in depth how ads are helping conversions on a specific website.

How are things going with your click assisted conversions? Share your thoughts with us below!


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