The 5 Secrets of a Great Article

The 5 Secrets of a Great Article

Do you know something that might be of interest to others?  Do you have a specialty that you would like to share or teach?

If you do, you have the stuff great articles are made of and captivate and audience.

Respected authors recommend that when starting out as a writer, you should write about what you know.  Just as a child has to learn to crawl before it can walk, so a writer has to get experience in his craft.

As a content writer, here’s a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

  1. If you’re not sure what to write about, think about your job, your interests, and hobbies. These are usually the things you know a lot about and are passionate about. When you write about them your passion will shine through.
  2. Once you venture outside your comfort zone, thoroughly research the topic you want to write about. You need to know the facts. Nothing destroys your credibility as a writer more than presenting an article with incorrect or outdated information.
  3. A great title is so important. You need to make your article easy to find for people who search the web for information. A suitable title will tickle curiosity. The introduction of your article should consist of a summary of what the reader of your article can expect.
  4. Remember SEO content. SEO content are keyword phrases that search engines pick up on. These keyword phrases should be pertaining to the subject of your article and repeated a few times in the body of your article. Don’t pepper your article with keywords though, remember that you are directing yourself in the first place to a reader, not a search engine.
  5. Read your work, preferably out loud so you can hear the flow of the sentences.  Pay attention to punctuation. Finally, spell check your work and read it again. A spell checker may pick up on most of the mistakes, but not all of them. When in doubt, Grammarly can help. Not only will Grammarly help with spell checking your document, the program pays attention to good grammar and can be used as a plagiarism checker.

Do you have any content writing secrets? If so, share the love below.


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Conny is the author of approximately 2,000 informative articles and 1,000 product descriptions. She aims to combine her experience and education to provide the best content possible. Conny's has a BA in literature and specializes in internet research.

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