Scheduling Your Content Writing with an Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Content Writing

Do you find yourself scrambling at the last minute to develop fresh ideas and come up with new content for your blog or website?

Are blocks in creativity preventing your website from consistently reaching your target audiences? If so, you have a lot to gain from using an editorial calendar.

Content writing can be a challenge, and editorial calendars are becoming an increasingly common means of strategizing, organizing and managing content creation.

While you may feel that utilizing an editorial calendar is confining and does not permit creativity and freedom, taking a little time to plan and prepare now will save you from a lot of stress in the future.

Here are four benefits to working from an editorial calendar.

Eliminate Writer’s Block

Nothing blocks creativity quite like stress. By taking the time to map out future blog posts or website content, you free up time to research your topic, find images or find the right writer for your content.

Plan Strategically

As stated by Beth Levenson from Sigma Web Marketing, using an editorial calendar allows you to tie your content writing to date-sensitive events. Plan your content around holidays, product launchings, trends or company milestones.

Stay Organized

Working with a variety of writers is a great way to give a voice to different perspectives and keep your content writing fresh and relevant. However, it can also make it challenging to stay organized. By using an editorial calendar, you can give your writers a clearer sense of direction.

Find out What Your Audience Wants

According to Kat Liendgens, CEO of Spectate, using an editorial calendar is a great way to find out what interests your audience. By overlaying your editorial calendar with analytic data, you can see with what type of content your audience views and interacts. This enables you to become more strategic in your marketing campaigns.

Clearly, editorial calendars are not limited to the blogging world. You can also use an editorial calendar to plan updates to your website’s content, determine when you will need fresh product descriptions for existing products or schedule a press release for the launch of a new product or service.


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Katelyn Macdonald is an experienced freelancer with a Bachelors of Science in Business. Her work includes, but is not limited to, blog posts, product reviews and press releases. She also has experience in writing articles pertaining to travel and health-related topics. Katelyn Macdonald works hard to ensure her clients' satisfaction.

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