Why Mobile Marketing & Web Video Make a Killer Team

Mobile Video Marketing

Mobile Video MarketingIn 2012, video marketing was a top growth area that will continue to expand in 2013. According to the stats, 46% of mobile users will search for more information on a service or product after seeing a video.

Better yet, mobile users will watch videos up to three times longer than those on a PC. With YouTube averaging over 4 billion hits every day, it’s clear that mobile video platforms are now an online marketing standard that’s here for the long haul.

Benefits of Mobile Video Marketing

There are many reasons to utilize mobile video marketing beyond its sheer volume of traffic. It’s worth noting that mobile video comprised 51% of all web traffic by the end of 2012.

Probably the best thing about mobile video marketing is that it can be highly optimized for local audiences that often yield tremendously high conversion rates. As it stands, YouTube home page ads are 437% more likely to boost brand engagement above and beyond non-video promotional techniques. Furthermore, simple YouTube videos are far easier to crank out nowadays thanks to cheap, easy to use video production software.

How to Proceed

Arguably the easiest way to get started with mobile video marketing is by embedding YouTube clips into apps or a mobile version of your website. You can keep it simple at first as you test the waters and then use ad platforms for monetizing traffic while you attract new customers.

URL shortening services like Bit.ly make it easy to redirect mobile users to videos. Include video URLs in your Yelp, Facebook and Google+ profiles to additionally boost traffic.

Best Mobile Video Practices

If you hit the big time, an app might make sense down the road. Just keep in mind that up to 80% of apps receive fewer than 1000 downloads. Probably the best tactic to adopt is location-based video marketing through typical ad platforms like Google.

With YouTube notching over 4 billion hits each day, it’s the best overall platform for mobile video ads. App or no app, just do your best to attract as many video views as possible regardless of traffic sources.

Staying Current

In 2012 alone, worldwide mobile data usage surged by 70%. A hefty chunk of that was video. This makes sense when you consider the fact that mobile devices are intended for content consumption rather than creation. If you’re aiming videos specifically at mobile users, keep them short and sweet with an eye on quality.

Just remember that it’s a crowded space, with 61% of business marketers already using YouTube to find new customers. To stand out, you’ll need to think outside of the box.


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