Is Buzzfeed’s Success an Easy Act for Marketers to Follow?

Whether you are a savvy Internet marketer or merely looking for articles to help develop your online presence, you’ve probably heard of Buzzfeed.

That’s because Buzzfeed has quickly become a leader among news sources as well as social media platforms. So, what can marketers learn from watching this success story unfold?

Shareable lists are popular but these aren’t the only lessons to be found when watching Buzzfeed.

Here are some more tips and techniques to be noted and utilized by marketers looking to establish themselves.

1. Become Dedicated to Shareable Content

can marketers follow buzzfeed?

Buzzfeed is a top role model and a tough act to follow when it comes to shareable content, but don’t let that discourage you from trying. Your goal should be always to create something that connects with readers that they would want to share.

2. Write Headlines that Create a Traffic Detour

Sometimes the only chance that you will get to impress potential readers is the headline you write. This is why it is essential that you write catchy, traffic-driving titles that are sure to detour traffic.

Try rewriting some great hit titles that you have seen or using a title generator, but remember to make it original.

3. Keep Your Focus Interactive and Compatible

keep content compatible

Make sure that you are writing, formatting and visualizing content that is interactive and compatible.

Whether your readers are on a smartphone, tablet or computer, they need to be able to easily navigate your blog and read your posts. That best recommendations are for simple, well-spaced written content, high-quality visually appealing images and easy to read headlines.

4. Variety is Key to Your Success Story

content marketing best practices

Don’t just stay inside of your comfort zone. Make sure that you are creating and publishing a wide variety of content types and information. You want to appeal to as many interests in your target audience as possible.

From different post types to a variety of visual aids and infographics, you can spice things up and never become too predictable.

By watching Buzzfeed climb the ladder of success, marketers and consumers can learn how to secure their very own success story based on better traffic, more readers and higher engagement with consumers.


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After pursuing an AAS in Nursing at Three Rivers College and Black River Technical College, Kerri found her true calling was writing. Now a full time writer on Crowd Content, she delivers original work that is highly researched and well-written, and is quick to welcome direct orders.

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