4 Ways to Make Your Blog Productive

Make your blog productive with these 4 tips

With the prominence of content marketing, it’s no surprise that most businesses have blogs. Used as an all-purpose place to post about business developments, relevant industry updates, and news about important products and services, it’s rare to see a successful company without a one.

Despite the popularity, however, most blogs aren’t as useful as they could be. Instead of pouring money into unnecessary content, learn how to optimize your marketing strategies and make your blog more productive.

1. Tell a Story, and Make It Good

Most readers don’t spend more than a few seconds on a website, making the ways in which you start your posts incredibly important. The beginning of an article should hook the reader immediately, creating a narrative and giving them a reason to keep going.

When your blog posts start out on a low note and doesn’t have a story to tell, you’re probably not going to see the conversion numbers you have in mind.

2. Paint an Interesting Picture

You’ve probably heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but you may not know how true it is in content marketing. By starting with an image and using charts, graphs, and visuals throughout a post, you can keep readers entertained, breaking up the text and creating a flow to your article.

Mixing images with words is more attractive to readers, allowing you to send your message in an engaging way.

3. Target the Right People

If your content marketing is for everyone, it’s actually for no one. By making sure your writing is aimed at your target market, you’re more likely to produce something that your customers and clients want to read, absorb, and think about for more than a few minutes.

Rather than trying to come up with something that could appeal to everyone, hone in on the readers who are the most likely to actually purchase and use what you have to offer.

4. Call Your Readers to Action

So your readers have made it all the way through your article.

Now what?

Without a great call to action, all of the hard work you put into writing a great post is wasted, leaving your readers with nothing to gain when your story comes to an end. When your call to action has something to offer a reader, you’re much more likely to make an impact.

When you devote the energy to writing fresh content for your blog, there should be an end game to your methods.

By building your content strategy around productivity and focusing on key elements like a narrative flow, use of images, relevant content to your audience, and a great call to action, you can enhance conversions, build a regular base of readers, and ensure the time and energy you put into writing content truly means something.

After all, if no one is willing to read what you write, what’s the point?


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Rachel has spent her whole whole life writing. In addition to academic pursuits throughout her education, Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in creative writing and a Master of Accounting. She excels in in business writing, including accounting, marketing, finance, investments, and taxation.

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