How Content Strategists Can Boost Content Marketing Efforts

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Keeping up in the increasingly competitive online market can be stressful, but hiring a content strategist can boost your content marketing efforts and reduce your work loads. Here’s a look at just a few ways a strategist can help.

Content Strategists Stay Up-to-Date on Best Practices

Content strategists tend to work full-time in the industry, often with numerous writer, editor and project management experiences under their belts. It behooves them to keep up with best practices and what’s trending in online marketing. When you work with a content strategist, you get the benefit of that knowledge without spending hours each week immersed in industry news and workshops.

A content strategist can give you the 411 on important information, including:

  • What titles are currently performing
  • The best length and content types for your message
  • Keyword research and keyword ratios
  • The best way to get freelancers engaged on your project
  • How to explain your content needs to writers and editors

Great Strategists Are In-the-Know Regarding Crowd Workforces

The best strategists in any industry know who to call to get each type of job done, and content is no exception. Great content strategists make it a point to create a network of solid writers, editors and other freelancers, and they can call on those individuals to help you complete your project. Whether you’re working with a strategist to get you started or want someone to be involved for the long haul, being connected with top freelancers in your niche is never a bad thing.

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Coming up with a constant stream of quality, relevant ideas for your blog, social profiles or website can be taxing. Even if you’re passionate about your niche, at some point the creative well runs dry. Working with a content strategist lets you dip from another well for a while or collaborate with a knowledgeable partner to come up with unique ideas. Strategists can be sounding boards, idea factories or a filter through which crowd-pitched ideas can be sifted.

Outsourcing Tedious Tasks Lets You Concentrate on Your Audience

While the world of content marketing can be fast paced and exciting, content creation and management does come with tedious elements. Outsourcing these tasks to your content strategist lets you spend more time on customer- or audience-facing work, including customer service, product development and sales. Some tasks a content strategist can help you with include:

  • Creating brand and style guides to ensure content is consistent over all your channels
  • Writing clear instructions to cut down on rework in content creation processes
  • Researching keywords, content topics or details to support high-performing, accurate content
  • Scheduling content on editorial calendars and across social media platforms via tools such as HootSuite, WordPress or CoSchedule
  • Ensuring content is optimized with keywords, headers and links
  • Providing quality oversight on content projects so all content meets your requirements before being published

Another great benefit of working with a content strategist is that you can decide exactly how much help you need and where you want it concentrated. Content strategy services are available from Crowd Content for premium and enterprise accounts, and will be available in the future for self-serve clients. For more information about how we can help you maximize your content marketing potential, contact us today.

Sarah Stasik

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Sarah is an experienced writer and copyeditor with a background in project management. She’s Six Sigma Black Belt certified and leverages her knowledge of statistical analysis, process improvement and content marketing to help clients engage audiences and increase conversions.

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