3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website Traffic

3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website Traffic

3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website Traffic

You have a blog, and now you want to please your audience and make a little money. But as time goes by your traffic stays low.

Here are three ways you could be driving traffic away.

1. Not Enough Content

You may be posting daily, but are you providing enough content? Your posts need to be informative, useful and enriched with plenty of information.

It’s best practice to write at least 300 words per post to get the most SEO benefit. If your posts are shorter than that your blog traffic will suffer.

2. Website Comes Off as Spammy

If your blog contains too many ads, banners, offers, and promotional content, then you could be driving traffic away. A few ads or offers on your blog should be enough.

If you have too many ads and offers viewers may find your site to be too difficult to navigate. Even worse, users may feel that your website is a spam site, which ruins your reputation with people and search engines.

Your blog’s content should not be obstructed due to ads and offers, so do your best to place ads and offers in places that won’t obstruct users’ views and experiences on the blog.

3. Not Enough Videos

Another way you could be driving traffic away from your blog is by not publishing enough video content. More and more people prefer watching videos over reading text. Not only do videos enhance the user’s experience, but it can also help you out in the SERPs as well.

By publishing videos to your blog, you will attract more traffic and also see a higher number of people returning to your site. 

These are not the only ways you could be driving traffic away from your blog, but they are some of the most common.  

If you want to increase traffic to your blog and keep visitors coming back for more, you need to cut back on the ads, add some video content, and make sure your posts are engaging. You should have no problems increasing traffic! 

Vincent Moore

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Vincent earned his Bachelor's Degree in English from Central Michigan University. Over the last 5 years Vincent has published blog posts, SEO articles, and sharable content all over the web. Vincent brings an eclectic yet invaluable skill set to his writing profession.

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