Freelance Writer Appreciation Week: 7 Ways to Say Thank You


The second week of February is National Freelance Writer Appreciation Week. While it’s always a good idea to show gratitude to anyone who contributes to the success of your organization, this week is a great time to reach out to the writers who drive your content marketing or other projects.

It’s common to treat in-house employees to lunch or offer other tangible perks to thank them for a job well done, but how do you convert those tactics into appreciation for freelancer content writers who live across the country or world? Here are seven ways you can say thanks to the people that fuel your content efforts.

#1 – Send Your Freelancers an Appreciation Email

A simple thank you goes a long way. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day matters, though, so consider writing an email now or scheduling a few minutes on your calendar this week to thank freelancers. Send individual notes if it’s possible, but even a thank you to the crowd can be rewarding for freelancers who sometimes feel like they work in a vacuum.

#2 – Write a Blog Post Highlighting Freelancer Efforts

Consider highlighting the role of freelancers in your organization if it’s appropriate for your brand. Write a blog post or create a video thanking your writers or sharing some fun behind-the-scenes information about how writers help you achieve your goals.

#3 – Share the Details of Success with Writers and Editors

Freelancers often work with little feedback or understanding of how their work contributes to your organization. Many of the best writers take ownership of their work, though, and when you let them know how they can help you succeed – or share what’s already working – you might be surprised at the response you get.

Take time this month to share feedback, statistics, and goals with your freelancers. Let a writer know the landing page they wrote helped you earn 10 percent more revenue last quarter, or tell your SEO writing team that their efforts resulted in an increase in page traffic. These little details make freelancers feel like part of something bigger, and it often spurs them to continue creating excellent content for you.

#4 – Send a Physical Thank You Card

With so much information exchanged in digital format, a physical mailing catches the attention. A hand-written thank you card shows that you cared enough to make a special effort. If you work with a crowd of freelancers, a preprinted thank you card in the mailbox can also make a writer smile.

thank you

#5 – Send a Token of Your Appreciation

Here’s a not-so-well-kept secret: freelancers love to get fun stuff in the mail. Gift cards, fun treats or company swag are all appropriate items for freelance thank you gifts. Pro tip: if you send a soft, comfy t-shirt or a travel mug, many freelancers are likely to wear or use them constantly in and out of their homes.

#6 – Run a Giveaway to Celebrate the Week

If your budget won’t cover individual gifts or you work with a large freelance group, consider running a giveaway. When running a giveaway, keep things as simple and transparent as possible, and have fun with the entire premise.

#7 – Hold a Digital Party for Freelancers

Invite freelancers to join you in a forum, Facebook group, or on Skype at a certain time, but avoid making video streaming a requirement since many writers choose to freelance because they value their privacy. Play some fun online party games, introduce various members of your in-house team, or present information about how your freelance team made an impact to your organization recently. Incorporate giveaways or awards to get freelancers excited and involved.

Thanking your freelancers doesn’t take a huge effort, but the impact of showing your gratitude can be enormous.

Sarah Stasik

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Sarah is an experienced writer and copyeditor with a background in project management. She’s Six Sigma Black Belt certified and leverages her knowledge of statistical analysis, process improvement and content marketing to help clients engage audiences and increase conversions.

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